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 Knight of the Void

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PostSubject: Knight of the Void   Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:33 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Finn Ender

Alias: Knight of the Void

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty-Seven

Race: Caucasian

Class: Paladin of Balance

Rank: Black

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Blood Type(Optional): B+

Family Members(Optional):
- Mary Ender (Wife – Deceased)
- Cal Ender (Son – Deceased)
- Susan Nigh (Sister – Deceased)
- Edward Nigh (Brother-in-law – Deceased)
- Felicia Nigh (Niece – Deceased)

Birth Date(Optional): January 1st

Star Sign(Optional): Capricorn

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Finn is a very tall but slender man. He is stronger than he appears but his suit of armor he wears typically keeps most people he does not know at a distance. He can be very intimidating given his habit of not talking and the look of his armor. He has dark black hair and typically clean shaven face though most people rarely get to see what he looks like underneath his helmet or his armor.

Height: 6 Foot 3 Inches

Weight: 156 lbs.

Body Type: Slender

Extra Feature: He has dark bags under his eyes from a lack of sleep. His cheeks are sunken from a general lack of food and at first glance of his face he looks underfed, but his body itself contradicts this to an extent because of his well-toned physique.

Voice: Raspy

Extra Clothing/Gear: A helmet in the shape of a skull with a long jaw and jagged teeth, looking very much like a large demon that has been dead for some time now. The rest of his armor is relatively normal though it is all jet black, almost as though it reflects little to no light at all.


Personality: Finn is obsessed with the concept of balance to the point that he has a hard time seeing other things for what they are, often finding a way of relating everything back to balance. Even the loss of his family, he feels it was his own fault because he was too happy and therefore was unbalanced, which the universe corrected by removing his happiness. With the loss of his family he quickly fell into insanity and has a hard time relating to people in an capacity.

Likes: Balance, almost to the point of extreme obsession.

Dislikes: Disorder, anything that is not furthering balance is a nuisance and should be destroyed.

Goals: Finn wishes to immerse the entire world in total balance with no side being more powerful than the other. He realizes that this is almost impossible but does not think on the matter too much.

Fears: Creating more unbalance and therefore furthering himself from his goal.

Strength: Swordsmanship, Finn is among one of the greatest sword dualist in the world and easily redirect most direct attacks thrown his way, so he uses a rapier to even things out.

Weakness: Pride, Finn can be very vain often times never being able to see how strong his opponent is until it’s too late. Though he does tend to come out as the winner it is not normally by as wide a margin as he had originally anticipated.

Extra Information:


History: Finn was born prematurely, and so was very small at birth, and was almost lost because of it. He was then quickly given to the closest orphanage because of the strange aura that surrounded the boy, scaring many of the local inhabitants. Although there was a very dark connection to the boy he managed to fight the stipulation that he was evil by being the nicest person he could be, though he was never adopted he had a good childhood with many friends and just as many brothers and sisters in the other orphans that lived with him.

Once he was old enough he became the apprentice to a local swordfighter, Finn was able to learn everything his teacher had to offer within a few years and began to create new and better techniques and quickly became better than his master could have ever dreamed. Though his master was disappointed to be outshined by his student, much faster than ever expected, they maintained a good relationship.

One day however things took a turn for the worse, a disease broke out and began to quickly pick off everyone in the village until only one person survived, Finn. Being that he was the only survivor, Finn came to the conclusion that the universe wanted him to suffer to even out his life, it had been more good than bad up until that point. So, not sure what to do with his life he took up the mantle of the ‘Knight of the Void’ wanting to be the force for the universe and create balance wherever he goes.
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Bound Demon

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PostSubject: Re: Knight of the Void   Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:42 pm

I'm not seeing anything that stands out to be questioned. Nice application, Finn.

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Knight of the Void
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