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a Rp site based on the crusades mixed with some fantasy including demons and ghouls.
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 Xanthus Revenas

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Xanthus Revenas
Wraith King
Xanthus Revenas

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PostSubject: Xanthus Revenas   Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:34 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Revenas, Xanthus

Alias: Wraith King

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown - Xanthus (21) | Revenas (Ancient)

Race: Demon

Rank: Unbound

Bound location: N/A

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Optional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: O+

Family Members:  Parents (Alive) Sister (Alive) and Brother (Alive)

Birth Date:  April 15th

Star Sign:  Aries

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:  

Human Disguise Form (Xan's original form):

Revenas Original Form:

Xanthus Revenas (when not in human disguise):

Height:  184. 34 cm

Weight:  88.45 kg

Body Type:  Toned (When in human form)

Best Feature:  Glowing Eyes

Extra Information: N/A


Personality:  Xan is a thinker, always has been and always will be. He prefers the presence of few over many, and enjoys being by himself a lot of the time. Whenever he can get spare time, Xan enjoys to read and to train, often at the same time.

Two of his greatest strengths are also two of his greatest weaknesses. Xan has an undying curiosity and also has an unquenchable thirst for power. Xan is cunning, clever, and almost never goes into a situation without a plan. He seems to enjoy manipulation to some degree, although he hates when it is used against him.

He is respectful to people of higher authority than him (at least to their faces) and also respects those who rank beneath him. The demon is always thinking of ways to climb the ladder of ranks in the demon realm by gaining power, but for what cause, he has yet to learn.


  • Power
  • Darkness
  • Knowledge
  • Manipulating
  • Superiority


  • Weakness
  • Light (overly bright)
  • Idiocy
  • Being Manipulated
  • Inferiority

Goals: Personal Empowerment | Influence

Insecurities: N/A

Fears:  Loss of Power


  • Intelligent
  • Manipulative
  • Tactical


  • Indifferent
  • Arrogant
  • Envious

Phobias: N/A

Extra Information: N/A



  • Darkness
  • Power

Withdrawals: N/A 


Birth - First Awakening Arc:  Xanthus Surana (as he was originally called) was born on April 15th at precisely Twelve in the morning, crying, kicking, and screaming as any normal baby would after being roughly ejected from its mothers' womb as suddenly as he was.  His parents, Xasalamel and Naisha Surana, held him in their arms with smiles on their faces that told of their immense, no, unfathomable joy as the baby wailed.    

Meanwhile, at this same moment, inside of a dark sepulcher known only as the Wraith's Stronghold, a dark presence stirred from a sleep that had lasted since it was sealed into the tomb many centuries if not a millennia  ago.  It had sensed something; something that it had been awaiting for a long time.  Or rather, it sensed that something was going to happen that it had been waiting for in its slumber for as long as it could remember.  Finally, he had been born...

Childhood - Gathering Arc:  The boy, Xanthus, had been a somewhat unusual baby.  He did not cry much, only when he was hurt, or when he had gone poo poo in his diaper, but never for the little things like someone taking away his things (bottle, pacifier, and toys).  He would simply stare at the person until he got what he wanted, and this normally worked, much to his own amusement and satisfaction.  He carried this 'trait' into his toddler years, and when he could read and speak, he learned his language fast.  When he became old enough to form the proper words, he said that the reason that he wanted to learn the "language of big people" was so that he could use it to get whatever he wanted, like "toys, and stuff."  At age five, Xan began to discover that he had a rather funny knack for getting what he wanted, mainly using his quickly expanding intellect, his ever growing repertoire of words, and a bit of curiosity at just the right moments.  

During these years, the Presence inside of the sepulcher was waking itself up and 'pulling itself together' so to speak.  Its power, its very essence had been shattered upon being sealed and spread out over the entirety of the tomb, and it was taking a long time for the being to find all of its 'pieces' again to put them back together.  It was not helped by the fact that each 'piece' was itself sealed and it took quite a bit of time for the Presence to break the seal and absorb the 'piece' into itself.  However, it was less preoccupied with bringing itself together again, as it knew that it could do in time than with finding a way to leave the Wraith's Stronghold.  Of course, the only way that it would, or even could escape from this special seal was to merge his essence with the essence of a particular human being and form a new being, but when would the he arrive?  This thought drove the Presence to try to bring all of its pieces together quickly, as it could only do such a thing when it was once again whole...

Teenager - Calling Arc:  By the time that Xanthus had become a teenager, he had also become known as an intelligent person, one with an undying curiosity and an almost obsessive thirst for knowledge.  He studied magical theory (despite not actually being a mage), he studied mathematics, languages, some history, and many other things besides.  Of course, he did not neglect his body.  He trained every day for multiple hours, pushing himself to become stronger and faster at the same time that he was becoming more knowledgeable.  Because he figured that it would be wise to learn the arts of the blade, Xanthus had his father buy an old longsword for him to use.  His father, though slightly surprised, did as the boy asked and bought the sword.  Xanthus added weapons training to his list immediately, and became proficient in the use of a sword rather quickly.  If he was ever asked why he trained, practiced, and studied so hard, Xan would chuckle and answer that he had no idea.  He often said that he simply felt an overwhelming desire to obtain more...and here he could never quite finish the sentence.  He would simply smile and change the subject.  However, in his mind he would finish the sentence.  And it ended with the words 'Knowledge and Power.  Above all else Power.'  Though why he wanted power even he had no answer for.

The Presence inside of the Sepulcher had almost recovered every piece of itself and it was beginning to feel the beginnings of triumph when it encountered a problem that it had not foreseen.  The last piece of itself, and by far the most powerful piece so far (other than itself of course), was locked behind a door sealed with a very rare and special seal that most mortals had forgotten about.  The reason for this was because it did absolutely nothing to bar human hands.  In fact, the 'door' itself was wide open.  No, the problem was that it was meant to keep out incorporeal entities like the Presence itself.  With what was the closest thing the Entity had to anger, it stared at the doorway, and at the shadows trapped within.  It knew that no matter how much time had passed, the piece of itself behind that doorway would remain just that.  Beyond the doorway, so close yet so far.  Anger faded into despair, and despair faded into something resembling a defiant sorrow.  It would have itself reunited again, even if it took risking its own life to do so!  It had regained enough of its former power to do a Calling, which would make the human it had waited for for all of these years seek it out...all it had to do was wait...

Right of Passage - The Beginning Arc:  Xanthus Surana had at last come of age, and now needed to but pass the Trial to be considered a man in his village.  The Trial was not at all difficult for the most part, consisting of proving that one had the skills to survive by himself as a man should.  The rules were simple; the person taking the Trial simply had to use his skills to survive alone in whatever environment he chose for an entire month.  Most men would choose someplace like the woods nearby, or if they were feeling daring, would venture north to survive amongst the beings of the ice.  Xanthus however, had a different plan.  When asked where he wanted to go for his own Trial, the young man answered boldly that he would venture to the Wraith's Stronghold and survive there for an entire month.  Everyone within earshot gasped simultaneously.  No one had entered that place in centuries.  It was rumored that there was a dark and evil energy haunting it.  Xanthus, knowing no fear, redeclared his intention, and since the village had no say in the matter, they watched with heavy hearts as he packed a small bag of vital supplies and headed for the sepulcher.  

The presence inside the sepulcher would have laughed if it could have, but it could not so it satisfied the feeling by floating around inside the tomb happily.  It felt that its Calling had succeeded, and that the human was on his way.  All that the presence would have to do would be to direct him into the room where the shadows were, and the seal would be broken and it would be whole again!  As for the boy...his soul would have to go, but his essence would be most appreciated.  It was only a matter of time.  In anticipation, the Presence gathered what pieces of itself it had gathered and formed a more humanoid appearance.  In this new form, it decided to give itself an actual name again.  Not knowing what else to call itself, it decided to go with Revenas.  Satisfied with its name, Revenas floated down around in the tomb, awaiting the arrival of the human who would release it.

Revenas Arc - Xanthus stepped into the sepulcher, and shivered as a cold breeze met him.  He had not known what made him want to come here for his Trial, only that he needed to enter this place as soon as was humanly possible.  However, that feeling was being quickly replaced by something new.  A desire to venture further into the tomb now that he had arrived.  A few steps he took into the ancient place before it became too dark for him to see further than a few feet in front of himself, and he knew that eventually, it would become too dark for even that.  However, a weird phenomenon took place.  As he started venturing into the darker parts of the tomb, torches started to light with strange blue fire, illuminating the way.  A normal man would have balked at the sight of this and ran, but not Xanthus Surana.  No, he kept right on going, until he reached a vast chamber.  It was circular in shape, and had many doors that were all closed off, save for one.  There was one door that was open, and it had a blue light emanating from it as though the blue torches in the hall were also in the room, which they probably where.  This was where Xanthus felt himself being drawn to, he realized.  And he also realized that  drawn was not quite the proper word.  Rather, he had been summoned here.  Had he been totally of right mind, the boy would have left the chamber right then, and most likely the entire sepulcher, but the Calling had been interfering with that for quite some time now.  In fact, Xanthus felt the Calling become even stronger, though he did not know that it was indeed a Calling right at the moment.  Gathering his nerve, Xanthus stepped into the room...and sealed his fate.  Suddenly, the shadows made by the blue fires lining the walls of the chamber, halls, and rooms began to move toward the room that Xanthus was in.  A wicked laughter echoed throughout the vast chamber, and the Calling ceased, only to be replaced by an emotion: Pure terror.  Xanthus tried to close the door to the room, but it would not move.  The shadows entered the room and detached themselves from the wall, forming a vaguely humanoid shape in the center of the room, floating a few inches off of the ground.  The figure laughed darkly before extending a hand toward a shaking Xanthus Surana.  The boy dropped to the ground in a few seconds.  Revenas floated to him, hardly able to believe that he had succeeded that easily.  He was little more than a spirit at the moment, but once he had possessed this humans' body successfully, he would escape this place, and then...

Xanthus Revenas Arc - Revenas began to enter Xanthus' body, pushing out the boy's soul bit by bit.  It was a slow process, and also it was when he was at his most vulnerable, as he was soon to find out.  When the possession process was exactly half way complete, a rune on the sealing activated and began to glow with a fierce white-blue light.  Revenas looked up in horror before being struck by a pain that was reminiscent of being torn in half.  Of course this was because it was being torn in half.  At that exact moment, three screams could be heard echoing throughout the sepulcher.  One came from Revenas, one came from Xanthus' body, which was now wide awake and in an extreme amount of pain, and one came from Xanthus soul, now given shape and voice, if only for a little while as a result of Revenas' possession.  This soul (and Revenas) were both halfway in and halfway out of Xanthus' body when suddenly, the light from the rune brightened and a sound like thunder shook the entire tomb.  Then, darkness engulfed the sepulcher as the lights from the rune and the blue fires all went out simultaneously.  The tomb was dead silent, as the screaming had ceased.  A solid week passed before any movement occurred in the tomb.  Exactly one week from the day of Xanthus encounter with Wraith, a figure slowly started to rise from the floor upon which he lay.  Standing up seemed to take forever, but eventually he managed to get up completely from the ground.  The figure began to walk away from the spot that he had been laying, eventually arriving in the middle of the chamber.  It looked around, then grimaced.  Without knowing why, the being hated this place with a passion.  It made it think of loneliness, fear, isolation, and death.  None of those really appealed to the New Presence, though it did find itself enjoying the darkness a little bit.  Walking forward, the being eventually stumbled upon the exit, and walked out of the sepulcher.  The being wandered around the area of the tomb for a few hours, not knowing what it was looking for or what to do.  Eventually however, it struck a fair amount of luck when it reached a calm lake.  Looking into the lake, it saw something resembling a man...only it looked like a darkness had covered the man like a second skin.  Suddenly, images exploded in the beings mind.  Being two different people at once for one moment, and then becoming one being the next.  It tried to remember...it could not remember very far.  A screaming young man, a wailing spirit, and a howling darkness.  The spirit and the darkness being forced into the man, and then nothing.  Suddenly, the beings' eyes grew wide.  It remembered that it was once those three separate entities.  A body, and two souls competing to be that bodies one and only soul.  However, something happened that caused the two souls to...become one.  To become one, and yet to become neither...to form something close to a new soul.  This soul had changed the body to something that was no longer human, it had become halfway stuck between the shadow that the darkness had been, and the human that the boy had been.  It was now...something different, something new.  Looking into his own now glowing eyes, the being reached a decision.  If it was a new being, then it would need a new name, and then it would need a purpose.  It searched deep into its brain for something like a name.  Xanthus...that was the name of the boy.  And the shadow had called itself Revenas.  Since the two had become one, and yet neither had apparently become the dominant 'side' the being decided to simply combine the names.  Xanthus Revenas looked at himself, pleased with his decision.  Then, it decided to simply use the shared goal of Xanthus and Revenas for its own goal.  Xanthus Revenas began to walk away from the lake, thinking to itself about finding some armor and a weapon, for this was not the day or age for one such as it to be walking around without either.  It had remembered the shared purpose of Xanthus and Revenas, and was determined to make it his own purpose.  The purpose:  to obtain more power.
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Xanthus Revenas
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