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 Ziggy Zappalookee Zswatooschki Zion [Knight]

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PostSubject: Ziggy Zappalookee Zswatooschki Zion [Knight]   Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:24 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Ziggy Zappalookee Zswatooschki Zion

Alias: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Rank: Knight

Sexual Orientation: Straight like a straight line which a college graduate drew.

Blood Type(Optional): O

Family Members(Optional):
Zackhoof Zappalookee Zion - Father [Dead]
Zolemna Zarookee Zion - Mother [Unknown]

Birth Date(Optional): May 9

Star Sign(Optional): Taurus

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Height: 5'11

Weight: 125 lbs.

Body Type: Slim, fit.

Extra Feature: Has bondages all over his body.

Voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97miOoLFZSg

Extra Clothing/Gear: Wears black and violet coat and pants.



Personality: Zion is an obedient one when it comes to the orders of his Lady but sometimes can disobey her and not do what she ordered. He will fight anyone or anything for the sake of his Lady. He is loyal to his kingdom. When his Lord asks for something, he will go through anything just to get it. He is the type of guy who will not take "no" for an answer. He stands before his Lady and will not allow someone to hurt his Lady. He is straight-forward and honest. He is not good towards strangers and is sometimes forceful towards people who has a lower rank than him. He hates but kissers and tends to make people who has a lower rank than him do all the work. He gets mad easily but at times, he can control his temper but it's rare to see him control his temper. He really doesn't care about strangers but when it comes to the Lady, he really cares alot. He would even die just for her.

-The Lady
-Warm places


-To protect the Lady

-Thinking that the Lady doesn't need him anymore

-Is fit for running
-Has a strong arm
-Is experienced in close combats
-Doesn't tire out that easily

-Has a short temper
-Tends to not think about his attacks while angry
-Not good at conversations
-He has a high pride

Extra Information:


History: Long time ago, a boy named Ziggy was born from a family of knights. His father was a knight of a certain kingdom while his father's siblings are knights from different kingdoms. He was raised by his father but one day his father died because of a fight. His mother became all emotional and left them because of the incident and left him with his uncles. They raised him well and fit to become a tough fighter and a knight for his father. He was trained hard by his uncles whenever they have free time. He has a lot of uncles so they have like shifts depending on when they were free. They sometimes fought in front of him just to let him see true fighting. They surely didn't hold back. One of them even had to die during the fight between siblings. He would usually keep a calm face when he hears his uncles argue but he joins the argument because he just kind of saw the attitude from them.

Now today is the day when Ziggy's first animal kill will be accomplished. His uncles told him that he should kill a bear for him to obtain a sword that one of the greatest blacksmiths have made for him. He was given exactly 48 hours to successfully kill a bear in the forest and bring them it's head. He carried with him a knife only and was expected to learn survival as well. He started his day by drinking some water on those streams. He rested and observed the woods and looked for a bear. He searched all day but found none. He then got tired of searching and rested again. After a few minutes, he heard a bear's roar and he quickly stood up and ran towards the direction. Without noticing, there was a girl walking straight, almost getting into his way. He asked the girl if she could move but it looks like she didn't here a thing. He tried to stop himself from running but bumped into her and was knocked back. He was about to release his temper but then he saw the girls face. It was beautiful. His innocent eyes sparkled as his cheeks turned red upon seeing the face of the girl. She had pink hair and SPARKLY blue eyes. He felt like he was hit by an arrow shot by a overweight floating baby towards his heart.

He quickly got up and helped the girl up. She was really pretty in his eyes so he wanted to know her name. He introduced himself first and sometime after he introduced himself, she told him his name. Her name was Elizabeth Francoise von Delabreaux. He thought that that name was really long and hard for him to pronounce but he also thought that it was a cool name. After a few hours of walking and talking, he completely forgot about the bears. Then darkness came so he set up a mini bed for her to sleep in and he'll just sleep on the ground. Saying good night to her, he thought that this feeling was love. He blushed as he shook his head and continued to sleep. The sun was up when Ziggy woke up. He looked at Eliza who seemed to be fast asleep. He smiled at the sleeping girl as he felt his tummy growling. He was getting hungry. So he grabbed a stick, carved it's edge with his knife to make it sharp and decided to go fishing.

The stream was full of fishes so it was a good day for him. He poked the ground and caught an instant 3. He was amazed and placed the 3 out of the water then poked the ground again. He caught 5 this time. He thought that 8 was enough so he grabbed all the 8 and went back to place where the girl was at. He saw the girl wake up but still was sleepy so he advised her to sleep again but she did not want to. He then asked her if she could watch the fishes so he could gather wood for fire. He then grabbed some wood and sticks and made a nest. He cut a v shape of the wood and placed a stick on it then he spun in with his hands. The spinning went on for hours but after 2 hours, a fire was started. His hands were feeling numb as he rest back and was glad that there was fire. He cooked the fish on the fire and handed 4 fishes to Eliza and 4 fishes to him. He ate all 4 quickly and drank water from the streams again.

He waited for Eliza to finish eating but suddenly he saw a bear creeping behind Eliza. Probably is planning to molest and rape her. He quickly pushed Eliza out of the way just as he saw the bear took its claws out and as a result, his face had a large red scratch mark and a bruise. He told Eliza to flee for her safety so she did as Ziggy watched her as she left. Ziggy then stood up, wiped blood off his mouth and grabbed his knife. He did a fighting pose as the bear imitated his pose. He did a ballet pose and the bear did a ballet pose to. He did a kung fu pose and the bear did a kung fu pose too. He thought that this was the coolest thing ever so when he took an ostrich pose (I made this one up. You basically lower down your face towards the ground and looking at the ground.) and the bear did an ostrich pose as well. He took this chance to lunge on it and stab its neck. The bear got in Rage mode and struggled to get Ziggy off his back. Ziggy held on tight as he slowly carved the bears head off his body. After a few seconds, he succeeded as blood showered from the neck. His face, hair, and clothes were covered with blood but he was glad that he had finished the quest.

He packed his knife and grabbed the head as he headed his way back to the town. He was excited to see his uncles faces when they see the bears head. The head apparently has an open mouth and eyes.
He arrived to the town but was surprised on what he had arrived to. It wasn't a town anymore. Houses were burning and people goes dying. He even saw his own uncles getting slaughtered by some rogue knights. He dropped the head and quickly ran towards the rogues and stabbed each of the with the knife. He killed some of them and felt someone touching his leg. He saw his uncle, suffering and is in the verge of dying. His uncle speechlessly handed him a case. He grabbed the case and opened it and saw that it was a sword. He looked at his uncle as he saw tears run down from the old man's eyes. Then suddenly, horses ran on him in front of Ziggy and his uncle died. Ziggy ran out of the town, hoping to find another peaceful town with the sword that his uncle gave him.

After the incident, he had lived for years in this peaceful country, using the sword that his uncles gave him to fight and train. He swore to them that he will avenge them so he decided to become a knight. After all his training and stuff. He joined the army and first worked as a squire. After years of service, he worked his way up to a knight. He was scheduled for a bless but by the time he saw the Lady, he was surprised. The face was familiar like he have met her before. Then he took of his helmet and bowed towards the Lady. He then took a clear look at her then BAM. Flashbacks ran through his mind. He saw a flashback about a girl, which he loved when he was a child then to the incident where his uncles were murdered and town got destroyed.

As he zoned out, his face turned red and tears dropped from his eyes. He didn't know why he just cried but thought that maybe because of his uncles. He then turned into the Lady again and was blessed. He really hopes that he would be recognized by the Lady despite the years that had passed since they last saw each other. He really fell in love with her. So Ziggy's life continues, offering his life and service towards the Lady. He is ready for some battle that demons or rogues may bring.

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PostSubject: Re: Ziggy Zappalookee Zswatooschki Zion [Knight]   Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:17 pm

The amount of weaknesses must be equal to the amount of strengths you have, just add two more and you are good to go
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Posts : 142
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PostSubject: Re: Ziggy Zappalookee Zswatooschki Zion [Knight]   Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:28 pm

Approved until stated otherwise
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PostSubject: Re: Ziggy Zappalookee Zswatooschki Zion [Knight]   

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Ziggy Zappalookee Zswatooschki Zion [Knight]
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