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a Rp site based on the crusades mixed with some fantasy including demons and ghouls.
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PostSubject: Lais   Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:13 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The Whore, The Courtesan


19 - 20




Sexual Orientation:

Star Sign:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lais is a slender, petite young woman. She possess smooth, slightly tanned skin, grey eyes adorn with red eyeshadow, long black hair that stop mid-back and "perfect" rose bud lips.
Her usual garb consists of a black silk top that shows off her stomach, a red silk skirt and a black scarf tied around her waist. Lais wears a black belt adorned with silver coins, giving her the characteristic jingling noise as she moves. The coin belt tells people what her profession is (and how skilled she is). When travelling, the courtesan wears a flowing maroon chiffon veil. In this garb she is adorned with silver jewellery, including a ruby bindi on her forehead.
When not "working", Lais wears a floor length black chiffon robe.

5' 3" (163cm)

Doesn't like to say

Body Type:
Described to be well defined, slender, narrow with slight curves.

Extra Feature:
Has her tongue and the centre of her lip pierced. Also has red roses tattooed onto her ribcage and back.

Described as melodic, sweet, smoothing and tiny bit high pitched.

Extra Clothing/Gear:
Carries hidden throwing knives in case she needs to defend herself.


-Delightfully elegant and attractive, Lais is aware of her strengths as well as weaknesses. The intelligent and courteous demoness is never over-the-top and can smooth the situation with diplomacy. Not many can resist her charm (or so she thinks).
-Lais is a lover of luxury and the comforts of life; she is also very flirtatious though this is often harmless.
-Has tendency to avoid confrontations as much as possible (as Lais hates drama or conflict of any kind). She says what others want to her. However, there are times when Lais is extremely straightforward and may even seem harsh. But she has her best intentions at heart more than often.
-The demoness is slow when coming to decisions; After gathering all the information needed and weighing all the plus and minuses, she will finally make a decision but there is a strong possibility that she will have second thoughts about it the very next moment.
-Possesses extreme curiosity, deductive skills, quick thinking and the ability to pick things up here and there.

Men, being complimented (she likes being called Beautiful the best), good food (especially human men, knights are her favourite), warmth and good company.

Unpleasant smells/environments, being rejected, insulted/ridiculed, and being hungry.

To devour the most delicious human male heart she can find (at the moment).

Of being alone or unrequited love.

Diplomatic, graceful, idealistic, peaceful and hospitable.

Superficial, vain, indecisive, flirtatious, and self indulgent.

Extra Information:


Lais was born from the grudge and rage of a human peasant woman who had been murdered by her lover. The woman had been murdered because she was pregnant.  Lais possessed some memories of the woman (especially of her final moments); not being able to get rid of the need for vengeance, Lais hunted the murderer down and killed him. He thought it was his dead lover raised from the dead. That was one way to look at it.
After that, the newly born demoness couldn't think of why she was alive or what her purpose was after murdering that man; she started to wonder aimlessly around the country, looking for answers from other demons and humans but found none. Eventually Lais became attracted to a human man, a son of a prosperous farmer, from a rural village; her first love. The two had fell in love and eventually lived together; he never knew of her true origins. She had lived happily with him under the same roof for several years until he had announced that he was to marry someone else; he had been using her all this time, or she she thought.
Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, the outraged Lais crashed the wedding party, revealed her demonic origins and killed everyone who attended the wedding. The demoness ate her former lover's heart. She had found his heart so delicious, Lais decided to feast upon the other men’s heart and flesh in the village; whether this stemmed from heartbreak or pure bloodlust is unknown to her.
Ever since, Lais had taken the role of a courtesan in hopes of luring more human men into her arms and devour their hearts (or breaking them, broken hearts taste better, or so she thinks).
Since then, the demoness had travelled the country, searching for more hearts to devour.
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