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 Hour of the Wraith King

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Xanthus Revenas
Wraith King
Xanthus Revenas

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PostSubject: Hour of the Wraith King   Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:35 pm

Ability Name:  Hour of the Wraith King

Ability Family: Darkness

Ability Effect:  Xanthus Revenas is a living, physical shadow and his abilities allow him to use powers that revolve around utilizing the shadows around him to great effect.

Ability techniques:  

Shadow Flame - Shadows (darkness) constantly exude(s) from Xanthus Revenas' 'body' in the form of dense black mist, creating ample resources for his other powers, as well as granting him a rather nice camouflaging ability, as he himself is as dark as the dark mist that he creates and can see through it, as he can see through any darkness. This mist is not dispelled by light from the sun, nor by any known light spells or magical effects. The mist spreads at a rate of fifteen meters in every direction per post. However, this technique is twofold; the dark mist is actually used for the purpose of absorbing the magical energies of the land around Xanthus, and is used to unlock a very powerful form. The Wraith King can summon his shadows back to himself. He 'absorbs' them, and all of the energy that has been gathered is released into a special seal inside of the Wraith King. This seal is what keeps Xanthus from unveiling his 'true' form most of the time. However, using the energy of the mist, the seal can be temporarily broken. This results in three things happening. Firstly, the release of the shadow energy causes Xan's wounds to be healed, giving him a 'second chance' at combat, though this only happens once as he assumes his 'true' form. Secondly, Xanthus' 'Shadows' burst into a 'dark flame.' This fire is dark blue, almost black, and can cause serious burns to those that touch Xanthus (or his now flaming equipment, as this spell also affects whatever equipment Xan touches from Shadows of Pride). And finally, the Wraith King grows an impressive set of retractable wings for use in flight. {As should be obvious, this form is granted a high resistance to fire}

{If this looks familiar, it's because Xanthus becomes a miniature Balrog (albeit with dark flames instead of red ones) if you know what that is}

Defensive, Healing, AoE, Multi-Use
Duration of the 'true' form: 10 Posts
Cooldown of the 'true' form: 5 Posts

Shadow's Revenge: By chanelling the powers of darkness, Xanthus can create a circle around him. This circle is fifteen feet all around him, and show up as nothing but a line on the ground. When struck, by whatever means (ranged, magical, physical), instead of Xanthus taking damage, it is reflected upon the enemy(ies) within the circle.  
Offensive, Defensive, AoE
Duration: 2 Posts
Cooldown: 5 Posts

Shadows of Pride - By muttering the incantation 'Obscura', Xanthus can create physical shadows like himself, only these shadows are like steel, being able to block swords if made into the form of a shield or armor, or be able to cut through flesh, bone, and certain metals if made into the form of a weapon.   Any shield or sword that is made has about the same strength as a shield made of a metal that is quite stronger than steel, meaning that swords will have a very hard time cutting through it, however the shields can still be broken; if one hits it enough times in the same spot with a strong enough weapon, little cracks of light will begin to appear, signifying that the shields energies are dissipating.  Eventually, these cracks will spread to encompass the entire shield, and afterward the defense will be broken.  The same concept goes with the weapons.  The 'object' created weighs like a feather, not actually being made of metal, but of darkness.  The way the power starts is simple:  Xanthus creates four baseball sized black orbs. These orbs form around him in a circle formation. They are spaced out about five feet from the Wraith King. Xanthus then can command these orbs to assume the form that he wills.  One new orb can be created every other post starting from the primary activation of the power, and it requires one full orb to form any object that Xanthus wills.  
Offensive, Defensive
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: 1 Post

History: Xanthus became one with a Shadow demon named Revenas, causing half of his to soul to merge with half of Revenas', granting him some of the powers that the Shadow possessed, but not all of them.  After wandering the lands alone for a while with hardly any of the former memories of either of the beings that he had been, Xanthus Revenas started to 'remember' some of the powers that Revenas had once possessed by using the power of souls to awaken the power of his own.  Now, the 'Wraith King,' as he styles himself seeks the power of more souls so that he can become even more powerful.  Exactly what he intends to do with that power however, remains to be seen.
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Hour of the Wraith King
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