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 Chritmas Party

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PostSubject: Re: Chritmas Party   Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:22 pm

Aurora was glad to see that her attempt to calm them had worked. Everyone seemed to calm down and make more rational conversation. John for one had explained that their intentions were pure.

"Why thank you sir, I too am glad I had the oppurtunity to meet you." She thanked the vampire before the human mentioned the fact that humans and demons were rather similar. Although she did not like that this human had killed beings similar to dragons she agreed with him.

"I agree with you, Rey, humans and demons are very similar. It seems my brother and Johnfletcher's view of the other are the same in that they think the other is not trustwortrhy which of course is a major generalization. If only everyone could view the world as evenly as we do." Soon after she said this a woman appeared from behind her and Aiden speaking of the childish behavior that has been demonstrated thus far. Of course Aiden was again disrespectful but not so much that it would get him killed.

"Oh, but Aiden I do love roses!" She begged Aiden to allow someone to give her a rose. As naive as she was she didn't realize that this was in fact a sarcastic comment and that there really was no rose.


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John Fletcher
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PostSubject: Re: Chritmas Party   Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:13 pm

John watched as the sultry vampire, DeMoyah, sauntered into the light. She had her usual flare about her as she stalked up behind Aiden and began her speech. John looked on with mild amusement at the woman's theatrics and sarcasm. If being cahnged had any advantage, it was that he got to see her act like this on a regular basis. He drained the last of his goblet just as Demoyah finished speaking about the boy and he spoke up. Again, his lips curled back in a smirk as he heard the boy speak. So he was accepting WHAT he was, just not accepting who he was...

John's eyes averted away from the others, though, as someone came blowing through the door, allowing the howling wind and snow to enter. The man gave a quick scan of the room and in that instant, John realized the party was about to get interesting. Before the scent of the holy man's blood reached his nostrils, John had already known of the man's ties to the church. The man moved with all the similarity to how John himself use to move, long ago, when he was still apart of the Paladins. This man was a trained killer for the church. Hopefully, the bounty Warren had placed on his head passed with the old paladin. Else, this paladin may just attack him on sight. If there is one thing paladins can't stand, it's a rouge paladin living.

John poured another glass of wine as he watched the man intently, half listening to the conversation around him. The man's very presence unnerved him and made hi want to get up and leave. He tried distracting himself with listening to Aurora and the human go back and forth over their views of humans and demons, but his presence was like an itch he could not scratch. He silently sat there sippping his wine while all around him the world continued on.

Finally, his daze was shattered by DeMoyah's direct address to him. A rose? Oh, yes of course! The girl! John truned around again to face Aurora just in time to hear her brother give another snarky comment about the rose not helping. He went to speak but was interrupted by Aurora's lamented cry for a rose. Thinking quickly on his feet, John smiled genuinely at her and said, "I'm afraid I wasn't expecting to meet a beautiful young woman here tonight, so I do not have a rose to give, but... I know this small field in the southern kingdom where wild roses grow freely. Maybe we could go there sometime and pick a few of them for you... That is, if it is ok with your brother..."
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PostSubject: Re: Chritmas Party   Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:48 pm

Cutting off another bite0sized piece of pork, Alphard slowly chewed the rich tasting morsal. As he enjoyed his meal, he kept his gaze and focus on the table across from him and namely on one of the humanoid demons sitting there. He appeared to be a mortal man but his air was off and overwhelmingly demonic. Beyond that, his features appeared somewhat familiar. At the moment Alphard could not place where this sense of recognition was stemming from but the lack of concrete recognition bothered him. Among the assembled group of demons this one perhaps demanded the most attention with the exception of the firey dog demon also seated at that table, though the canine seemed relatively at ease for now. Finishing his water, the paladin turned over his cup and set it down firmly against his table, making a loud thump. The sudden clank drew a few nearby glances from lesser creatures but a hardened glance from the swordsman and the draw of the party was enough to divert their attention once more. Picking up his fork, Alphard began sating his hunger on the assorted vegetables filling his plate. All the while his overturned his steak knife in his free hand, deftly twirling it between his fingers in an attempt to keep his hands occupied. Better to engage in distracting ticks than draw true steel against these demons no?
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The Ranger
The Ranger

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PostSubject: Re: Chritmas Party   Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:41 pm

With the arrival of yet another vampire, or vampryss whichever, things certainly started to get a tad more interesting in this strange lodge. The conversations went from humans and demons sitting together to demons hating on humans to half-demons hating on demons, and even going so far as to babble on about roses. The young Aurora, although he honestly was not too sure how young she really was as you could never really tell with ‘demons’, was quite the naïve one of the group yet she also seemed to be the most sane next to him of course. ‘Then again, could I truly consider myself sane with the life style I live?’ He questioned himself only to mentally shrug it off and take another sip of his coffee.

“If everyone viewed the world the same way Aurora than it would certainly be a boring place indeed. The ideals of everyone getting along perfectly are quite fantastic in of itself, but the reality is it will never happen.” He spoke in reply to what Aurora said before once again becoming silent and listened in on the conversations of the demons that surrounded him. It was as if he was sitting at the table meant for those that guarded the gates of hell or ate at the table of the serpent himself. The lady vampire seemed to have only thoughts of making whoever she could mad or starting some sort of fight, while the male half-dragon seemed ready to pounce on anyone who crossed him or his sister, which of course would play right into the hand of the female vampire. The male vampire although he had been relatively silent for quite some time turned his sights on the female half-dragon again.

This of course was where Rey decided to answer the female vampire. “Yes it seems I am sitting here, though the only abomination of hell I seem to see is the strange ‘Santa’ figure and you yourself Madame.” He mused taking a swig of his coffee and then setting it down on the table where it belonged. Sure, the words could most certainly start something he did not intended to start but he felt as though he would be able to defend himself if the time came to it. Well there was that and the simple fact that he was quite sure the hosts of this event would not be so keen on a fight starting in their dining hall. Either they would step in to stop the female vampire before she could do any serious damage to Rey or they would throw the two of them out. Either way it would end in his favor...hopefully.
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PostSubject: Re: Chritmas Party   

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Chritmas Party
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