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 Tandrolol Kalos (Magicians Glacier)

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PostSubject: Tandrolol Kalos (Magicians Glacier)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:45 am

Weapon Name: Tandrolol Kalos (Magicians Glacier)

Weapon Type: Staff


*Picture Variation:There is a blood red spherical crystal held between the two points of its opening

Family: Primal

Staff history: Tandrolo Kalos was created ages ago for the teacher of Zanjiro's teacher's teacher and has been passed on as the temporary staff to each generation during the time they are sent to study out in the real world. It is said that the body of the staff was created out of the bone of an ice dragon and the crystal made from the beast's crystalized blood. There are also rumors that each time this staff had been stolen from the mage that it was given too last the mage would find the thief frozen in solid ice with the staff laying on the ground right next to it. And as his teachers tradition state this staff was given to Zanjiro as a present by his master before he was sent to study out in the real world. Though since he left the safety of his teachers home hasn't really had to use it yet.

Spells: (must give a name,description, duration,and cooldown for every spell. Limited to 3 starting spells. you gain 3 more spells for every 100 points you earn.)
Thosaerdar (Fireball): Zanjiro creates a Fireball roughly the size of a soft ball in his hand that he then fires at his target. When the fire ball hits something it creates a small explosion of sorts that has enough force to knock the wind out of an un-armored individual while knocking them off of their feet while only doing the latter to a person in plate. Duration:1 post Cooldown: 2 Posts

Tolyss Caer(Minor Heal): Zanjiro hovers his hand over an open wound causing it to close and bleeding to stop by using magic to stimulate the regrowth of the skin (will still leave a scar) this however only works on surface wounds and ones that Zanjiro can see. (won't fix internal bleeding or broken bones) Duration:1-2 posts Cooldown:5 posts after spell ended

Jhondrol Shyr (Lightning Bolt): Zanjiro casts a small bolt of lightning from one of his index fingers that has the ability to pierce through cloth and flesh though will be absorbed by metal. It stuns whoever it hits slightly making them feel slightly numb for a couple of posts. Duration: 1 Post Cooldown: 3
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Sir Judge

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PostSubject: Re: Tandrolol Kalos (Magicians Glacier)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tandrolol Kalos (Magicians Glacier)   Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:29 pm

Moved back and re-approved
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PostSubject: Re: Tandrolol Kalos (Magicians Glacier)   

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Tandrolol Kalos (Magicians Glacier)
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