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 Kain The first Murderer

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Unbound Demon

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PostSubject: Kain The first Murderer   Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:05 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Kain Salias

Alias: The Iron Fist Demon

Gender: Male

Age: Almost as old as time itself

Race: Demon

Class: Demon

Rank: Unbound

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Blood Type(Optional): O-

Family Members(Optional): N/a

Birth Date(Optional): December 13th

Star Sign(Optional): Sagitarius

Extra Information: When in human form he has wing tattoos on his shoulders

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Human Form
Demon Form

Height: 6"7

Weight: 187 LBS

Body Type: Built, Sturdy, Muscular

Extra Feature:

Voice: Stern, as a teacher

Extra Clothing/Gear: Usually consists only of trousers, gauntlets and footpads



Likes: Strong opponents, Honesty, Honorable actions

Dislikes: Weaklings, Deception, Dishonorable actions

Goals: To gain ultimate power

Fears: To be hunted down and captured rather than killed

Strength: Unarmed combat, Demonic Magic

Weakness: Weapon based combat, anti-demon magic

Extra Information:



Come and listen to the birth of a demon born from the pit, a tale of a monster not of the pits of hell, but the pits of mankind, one birthed at the dawn of time from one of the first few sins of man. The sin... of Kain, there was once two brothers one Kain, one Abel the two brothers worked tirelessly in order to please their father, Kain would work in the fields while Abel tended to a flock of sheep. Kain worked endlessly on his crop each day he would return home tired and spent, while his brother would spend most of the day resting after spending only a few hours each day to tend to his flock. When it was time for the harvest Kain brought his father the vegetables that he had toiled on for months, and Abel brought his father a small lamb from his flock. Their father favoured Abel's lamb far more than Kain's vegetables, and from the alteration of favor, Kain grew jealous of Abel, the next day Kain took his brother into the fields and killed him, this was mankind's first murder.

When he returned home Kain's father had asked where Abel was, "Am I my brother's keeper?" he asked his father, shortly after Kain's treachery was discovered and his father disowned him, and heavenly powers saw fit to punish Kain, marking him not just for his life, but for all eternity, his curse would stay with him till his dying day and beyond.

As Kain grew older the mark continued to grow with his body, as he was banished from his homeland he found it necessary to travel to far off places learning much more about the outside world. He no longer found joy from working on farms, but instead found his glee in the tattered arenas of the world, he grew talented as a fighter in the pits of cities, the smell of the blood of his enemies, and the feel of their flesh against his fists brought him to new heighs, Cain became the most widely known pit fighter in the cities, one night though Kain was offered a large sum of coin to purposely lose a battle, instead of giving in to his opponents demands Kain simply refused coin and massacred his opponent in the ring, that night when Kain slept in his quarters the man who had offered Kain coin to lose snuck into his quarters and murdered Kain in his sleep. As the man escaped from Kain's quarters Kain's body began to twitch, the marks on his body dissappeared in a black mist, as the mist left Kain's body it ignited and turned to dust, the mist flew out the door and pursued Kain's murderer. When they reached him the man was asleep in his home, the mist rested down upon the man and enveloped him in a thick blanket of smoke, the man's dreams turned to nightmares and he screamed in his sleep, the black smoke flew into his skin and started to change him, marking him as Kain had been marked. Then the man's body began shifting untill the person who the man had once been was no more, the person had been changed from their previous form into the man he had murdered that night......Kain

Kain was amazed at his revival, not only a few hours ago had he been murdered in the dead of night. But Kain was no longer himself, he was tainted by another murder, and was in a fit of fury over the man's dishonorable actions, wings began to rip out from his back and his hands sprouted claws, a beam of energy shot from his forehead and destroyed the building he was in. He was no longer a normal human, but a demon born from the markings. Forced to live on since he had been killed as he had killed his brother, he would be forced to roam the world untill the world finally took him to the grave, in this new demonic body Kain is forced to live forever, untill he dies

and that children, is the story of the Curse of Kain.
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PostSubject: Re: Kain The first Murderer   Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:49 am

Approved until stated otherwise
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Kain The first Murderer
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