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a Rp site based on the crusades mixed with some fantasy including demons and ghouls.
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PostSubject: Relic   Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:41 pm

Ability Name: Relic

Ability Family: Fire/Darkness/Blood/Transformation

Duration/Cooldown 1 Post/ Human until he can find a way back.

Ability Effect: Sebastian releases all of his unearthly wrath upon an area that he has so designated around him. The Effects reach out roughly 50 feet of pure destructive energy and the outside 50 feet are touched by his energy but not harmed by it. The first wave of Destruction is flames wreathed from the very depths of hell themselves. The second wave which shortly follows the first wave is darkness ever so foul and ever so corrupt in it's purpose; it acts very simular to his nightmare ability save that it does not put to sleep the oppontant. The last wave of power is a wall of blood that sebastian has driven out of his body... or more as his power within the blood that holds him to his form. This power rages across the area that he has already devastated and acttually travels 75 feet and only damages things that have blood within them. The last effect of this power is the con; which is explained in the con area.

Ability Techniques: Sebastian claws a symbol into the ground which expands in a circle roughly 100 feet around him in a perfect circle. The Symbol is gold in coloring at first but as it slowly starts filling in the center with smaller symbols they slowly turn red... then black.... and then finnally touch sebastian's body where all three color's are presant. The colors surge dramatically and then go to a finite point of power directly where sebastian drew the first symbol. The power surges up sebastian's arm and into his body.

Passive Effects: He still retains his ability to stride/eat dreams; he has roughly half of his demonic strength and reflexes. He can also use his other powers(save relic) to a lesser effect.

Con: Sebastian's powers are wonderous to behold but they often come at a price that ill befits what he wished upon himself. In some cases he is struck by a heartwrenching pain that is so bad that he must rest... in other cases he cannot function and in some cases by sheer luck he evades death. This particular power has a draw back that Sebastian doesn't know about and probrably will not until he meets someone that warrant's the use of this ability. He is cursed to walk as a human until he can find a way to transform himself back. the man he is turned into is none other than sebastian's "Human" self as it were. Sebastian reforms himself wearing what he presented himself as to DeMoyah in a dream that they shared. His mind set upon this man is so strong that his remaining power even lets him fabricate his clothing that he was wearing as well. A black cloak; black leather suit of armor (save helmat), and out of everything a lantern in the shape of a skull. His hair is black and his eyes are white at the core but have a faint blue line between the "white" of his eyes and his "pupil"

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PostSubject: Re: Relic   Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:48 pm


unless stated otherwise
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