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 Sebastian (Take a look please!)

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Bound Demon

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PostSubject: Sebastian (Take a look please!)   Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:01 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Sebastian

Alias: Bastian

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Race: Demon (Hell hound; Desription will be provided)

Class: Demon

Rank: Unbound
Sexual Orientation: Bi Sexual

Blood Type(Optional): A

Family Members(Optional): Currently all are deceased....

Birth Date(Optional):

Star Sign(Optional): Sagitarius
Extra Information: He speak Canine as well as human; however they both are degrading with lack of practice.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Curved horns grace his canine head they are lined with spikes gvin him a rather.. intimidating crest. His eyes are a jaded white (doesn't affect vision); his fur is black with well placed designs of orange here and there. A spiked tail graces his body going to almst touch the ground before curving up (at rest) . His horns are back with an ever changing blazing gold swirl pattern; if one is to stare long enough they will see images of past days(the gold can be dulled to a ruddy yelow)

Height: 108 Inches

Weight: 400 lbs

Body Type: Athletic; and surprisingly lithe.

Extra Feature: Natural Weapons: Bite:(obvious)
Fire claws: Sheathed in his flesh are dangerous claws that ignite when they are introduced to air (generally are sheathed unless stated otherwise) Damage type is changed from slashing/piercing to slashing/piercing/fire.

Natural armor: Instead of wearing armor he has bone crests located on his shoulders and down hs back. His tail's begining is sightly covered by the potruding spinal armor. the back of his legs have a bone plating tat looks like fire is trailing from them giving his running motion quite the look. As he moves his armor trails the same gold that his horns do.

Voice: a soft gentle voice that sounds like whispers on the wind.... His voice when angry is like an active volano.

Extra Clothing/Gear: He carries a human skull in his tail's grip


Personality: Sebastian is a cold block of ice on the outside plain and simple; he's hard to warm up to somce something that acts distant almost all the time is kinda that way. However on the inside Sebastian is a roiling sea of emotion; if it can be felt he's feeling it. When angry he's very broody and over agressive. When happy (rare) he is rather bubbly; and all over the place. When bored he'll start things on fire just to see how long they burn. He doesn't get along with many people due to this; he would maybe start them on fire just to see how long they burn.

Likes: Fire, Fighting, wolves, the color red, rain (oddly)

Dislikes: Good folk, the cold, cats, dead grass

Goals: To destroy what he can; and to find any family that may be alive...

Fears: Cold, some forms of magic, and folk that pursue him relentlessly.

Strength: restant to fire

Weakness: Cold hurts him just as much as he is restant to fire.

Extra Information: Doesn't wish to be bound.


Sebastian wasn't always a Demon, he was a youth in a villege for all of 7 years. Those yearscannot be remembered.... for they were a life that was not meant to be. There was some sort of hlis fire that ended up consume all around him; it never touched him once. If he thinks back far enough fire never touched him before that day. The images in the hellish fire were dancing around him but not touchng him; until one for some reason strode foreward. It didn't take longfor the youth to realize he waschosen for something else than the life here. Shivering heavily the fire figure aproached the youth; they seeed to stare at each other for a moment... befoe the fire figure stabbed the youth with a white fire lance. The energies changing im into a tottaly different and muh more powerful than what he was. He was surprised at the sudden change in his life; he decided to follow his whims. Which included destroying and searching for any family he may of had.... to destroy them. The years have not been kind to him; they have hardened his heart and hardened his resolve.

During the 32 years of his new form he has wandered across the land, destroying what he figured to be not needed. Eventually it got to the point of where he just started to destroy to everything that he came across. This brought him quite alot of hunters wishing to kill this wolf like creature that had taken t wandering about. He has been avoiding them by trying not to leave a trail but it's sorta hard when you have wants to destroy everything you see. His days hve been filled with killing hunters sent after him and trying to befriend wolf packs that roam in the area. He so far has not had luck with this though, the alpha's refuse to let him enter their packs in fear of him. He spends lonely nights staring at the sky when he is falling asleep; his existance is lonely one and will more than likey be forever like this....

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Adviser to The Throne of Helios

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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian (Take a look please!)   Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:21 pm

Immunity to anything isn't okay. To be resistant of it is fine, but to stand there and never even flinch is not okay.

"good aligned" attacks has to go as well, unless you want to be killed in two hits since "good" is such a relative term. Summoning hellfire could be good in someone's eyes. So does the "can't stand cold" if you're going to be highly resistant to things, then you need a weakness that will be equally as severe.

As a 39-year-old, you'll need more than 1 paragraph for your history.
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Bound Demon

Posts : 116
Points : 3226
Join date : 2010-09-21
Age : 28
Location : A grand place... hell.


PostSubject: Re: Sebastian (Take a look please!)   Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:19 pm

Changed the resistances and added history.

Changed a few spellin errors too.

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Empress of Helios

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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian (Take a look please!)   Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian (Take a look please!)   

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Sebastian (Take a look please!)
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