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 Zorn and Thorn

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PostSubject: Zorn and Thorn   Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:45 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Zorn un Thorn

Alias: Gemini Twins

Gender: Males

Age: Both are ten

Race: Humans

Class: Mages

Rank: N/A

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Blood Type(Optional): AB- both

Family Members(Optional): Each other.

Birth Date(Optional): Unknown

Star Sign(Optional): Gemini

Extra Information: Are actually one being but got ripped in two.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Zorn and Thorn are twins so they look a lot alike in most ways also they tend to look just like cute innocent little kids, but they also seem to have a certain creepy quality to them as well due to their appearance as well. They wear jester outfits that seem to have sleeves that are a bit too long for them, but all in all they can play the innocent child card VERY well.

Height: 4'3"

Weight: seventy pounds each

Body Type: Child like

Extra Feature: The twins have pale white skin, Zorn has two large blue spots on his cheeks as Thorn as red ones, Zorn has large blue eyes while Thorn has large red eyes, and finally their eyes have black markings near them to finish their jester like look.

Voice: Child like yet holds hidden magic wisdom and intelligence.

Extra Clothing/Gear: They tend to carry around dice, cards, throwing knifes, and other items that are used to gamble and to throw a magic show.



Personality: The twin's personalities are mostly the same as they both show distrust toward some people and openness to others that fit their idea of good people. They can be very sneaky and are prone to being tricksters due to their rather..........strange personality that holds little value on common sense and more on what is just unexpected and fun.

Likes: The twins differ on this as Zorn loves stormy weather, sour foods, riddles as well as gambling games. Thorn loves dry sunny weather, spicy foods, jokes as well as reading books. The twins both like to make new friends and play pranks as well as play normal games. Their favorite toy is the yoyo.

Dislikes: As with their likes they have different dislikes as Zorn doesn't like swimming, hates bitter food, despises very silent places, and has no love of fish. Thorn doesn't like it when he is thrown into cold weather, hates watery tasting foods, can't stand places that are full of rules, and he has no love of bugs. They both dislike people that try to control them.

Goals: They have no goals other than to enjoy their lives to the fullest and do what they want to do, but they do have a nagging desire to learn of their past.

Fears: They fear loosing one another, hence they never go too far away from each other unless they are sure they won't run into trouble.

Strength: The twins are naturally powerful in magics due to being mages as well as being fairly fast and hard to hit due to their small size. When they are in physical contact their stats go up by fifty percent, and it has to be direct physical contact. They can learn to rejoin but only temporary.

Weakness: They are not very strong so they can't physically overpower a person as they only got the strength of ten year old's, their ability to take damage and resist it is low due to their small size and being mages. When they are separated they have a fifty percent drop to all their stats, this happens when they are fifty feet away from one another. Also if one of them dies the other dies as well.

Extra Information: The twins have a mental link so they can talk to one another through their minds which helps them track one another down if they get separated.


History: Zorn and Thorn's history begins long before the two came into being because of the strange way they were born, for unlike many humans who are born from a mother and a father they were created when a mage was split in half by an evil demon's magic curse. This mage was a traveling jester by the name of Jack O Lantern who traveled around either killing those that tried to kill him, playing tricks on people and demons, and performing for people. His history is not important but to help people know more about the man who became the twins i will go into detail about who he was.

Rumor has it Jack was born in the Southern Kingdom to a middle class family who has had a history of magic, yet for the most part their magi were average and never grew into high areas of power or become the allies of powerful people. The parents of Jack figured that he as well would grow to be either a middle class man or an average powered mage such as his ancestors, but Jack had no desire to be either or as his desires lay in the direction of jokes and tricks. When he had reach the age of ten Jack ran away from his home to join a group of thieves that found his magical talents to be useful, this allowed Jack to gain access to the ways of a rouge which helped him learn how to pick locks and to be far more acrobatic than any normal mage.

He lived with the group of thieves for about five years and focused on their arts of acrobatic skills, lock picking, and dagger play so that he was now so good with such things he could get out of any locked place he ended up in. Could juggle daggers and other items with the greatest of ease, and throw them quite accurately. But he knew he was a mage and would never gain the physical power of a warrior who trained in the same arts, so he stole many books and scrolls from hundreds of magic schools and libraries to help him grow his talent and by the time he reached eighteen he finished his magic training that he abandoned when he was ten.

With his ability to use his magic fully and effectively Jack become a jester of sorts, and his talents worked perfectly with one another. His acrobatic skills mixed well with his ability to make rings of fire in mid-air, his magic even made him requested by some of the noble class for Jack learned why his family were so average in magic and it wasn't the lack of skill. It was the fact that their way of life had dulled their ability to learn, they were too docile and sedimentary to learn what they needed to learn to gain power. His great life ended though when he was traveling through the forest and stumbled upon a human woman that had a demon bound to her, he was caught off guard by the demon's sneak attack but even so he battled the demon to the best of his abilities but it was not enough this demon was too strong for him with his skill sets.

The demon had thought about killing Jack or using him for its evil ideas but it truly relished the idea of placing a curse upon him, this curse would split his powers and abilities in half between two small bodies that would be half the age of his original form. The demon even went as far as to tamper with the memories to cause the twins to no longer remember who they were and only know the names Zorn and Thorn, know that they are twins, and the skills they know in magic and acrobatics, if the two lived did not matter to the demon as it left the curse to do its work on Jack's weakened body.

This is where the story of Jack ends and the history of Zorn and Thorn begins as the twins awoke in that very same forest, they were without clothes and had no true memories of what happened to them. When they saw one another they were confused at first before both of them ripped apart the old clothes that belonged to jack to fashion some clothing and to gather up the money he carried with him as well as his deck of cards and other such things that seemed to hold meaning to them for some way. Even if they couldn't remember who they were, their heart still held their feelings toward the items of their old trade.

From the forest the twins quickly went to the nearest town to buy themselves new clothes as well as other equipment, from hence forth the Gemini twins were here while Jack O Lantern is no more.
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PostSubject: Re: Zorn and Thorn   Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:02 am

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Zorn and Thorn
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