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 Sir Anderson- DONE!

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PostSubject: Sir Anderson- DONE!   Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:45 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Adam Anderson

Alias: The Saint

Gender: male

Age: 21

Race: human

Rank: Emperor of Helios

Bound location: (bound demons only)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information: Royalty, and leader of the Templar's. Considered the White Knight of Helios and to God by his people.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Optional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type:

Family Members:
Conrad Anderson- Father
Mary Anderson- Mother
Willson Anderson- Uncle
Elizabeth Anderson- Anty

People he sees as family:
Warren- Someone he sees as a older brother.
Fang- Some he sees as a brother, and ally.

Birth Date: January 24

Star Sign:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:
-standard military wear without armor.

-Without the wings

-Yes this is his armor, and was something forced upon him to wear by his uncle. Adam still does not know why to this day.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 176lbs

Body Type: Athletic, well built, and well toned.

Best Feature: His face, and core

Extra Information: A tattoo of a Red cross with a silver light behind it on his back.


Personality: Adam is a warm, funny, sometimes rather rude fellow who seems to have many different personalities depending on how he feels or what he's going through. Often at times he can act like a kind man who likes to talk a lot about nothing, and sometimes he comes up with some crazy ideas that land him a bit of honour or respect. Then there are times when he's in a bad mood, which is like anyother human out there. Though he tends to act a bit like an ass when he is in a bad mood, which seems to piss a lot of people off, even though he's trying his best to be a leader, and try and deal with the stress of everyday life of a Lord, who people look up to for leadership, and to make the hard choices that others can't.

Kyle is one of the few lords who are loved by their people. Kyle is loved due to his kind, and generous rule which he maintains even when he things are bad. Due to him being a kind ruler his kingdom thrives, and is one of the beacon's of the holy human Empire. Kyle is also known for walking out through the streets of his kingdom to ask the people what they want to see happen, and what they want more of. Once he finds out he goes out of his way to make sure his people have what they need, and want to ensure peace, and gain a few Templar's.

Since Kyle is the leader of the Templar's he keeps a keen eye on the holy lands, and is always making plans for when a Crusade is called. He is also known for bring new ideas into the Templar's which seem to increase their effectiveness off and on the holy battlefields. Like his people the Templar's love, and praise Kyle for his ability to maintain order, and peace within not only his Kingdom but the holy lands.

-His allies
-His Empress
-His people
-The Paladin's
-His Knights

-Demons that harm human's
-Enemies of his nation

Goals: Provide peace for his nation, and people. He also wishes for peace for his fellow allied nations.

Insecurities: None

Fears: Having his nation being invaded by someone he trusts.

Strength: Able to raise the moral of both his, and allied troops when in Crusades.

Weakness: Believe's he is not a good leader when he is.

Phobias: none

Extra Information: none


Addictions: none


Adam Anderson is the first born or rather the only son born into the Helios Royalty. Adam's parents were both considered dictators due to how they acted, and treated their people. Due to this they were quickly removed from the throne of power, and afterwards Adam's Uncle who had raised Adam since his parents had cast him out seeing him as a weak son in the future. Adam's uncle managed to somewhat fixed Helios back to its former glory, but there was only so much he could due since there was a Crusade, as well as a war with a group of rogue warriors that seemed to liked coming into Helios territory. Adam's Uncle did all that he could with all that was going on, and since his brother and sister in law failed to really do anything about all of it he had to take the bureden onto his shoulders, as well as raise Adam.

As time began to pass by, Adam was trained to handle a blade as well as how to rule a kingdom during troubled times. He was also educated so he could become a smart leader who knew what he was doing rather than a fool. When Adam turned 13 he was sworn into the Templar's seeing how he had done well enough in both his training and practice battles. He started off as nothing more than a water boy as sorts who was tasked with cleaning weapons, and rooms. This helped teach Adam he was just like everyone else in the world. It helped him become a stronger man as well. During this time the Templar's were supporting the Paladin's as they fought Demon's off from both nearby Kingdom's as well as the holy lands. When Adam turned 15 he was made a Knight or rather given the title and rank of Templar and was now a full member of the Templar's. After become a full member he was thrown into battle as if he was nothing more than a common man, or soldier. Like ever other man on the battlefield he fought to stay alive. After fighting in four battle's and being praised for his battle skills Adam was promoted to the next title, and rank within the Templar's.

On Adam's 17th birthday he was promoted to the second highest rank within the Templar's for his valour, and bravery, as well as his leadership which had brought more men and woman back home to their families. It didn't take long for him to earn the right to truly call himself a Royal of Helios, but he was still without a title in the royal court and royal family. On his 18th birthday Adam was crowned prince of Helios and made the heir to the throne. Both the Templar's as well as the Royal court agreed he was ready for this task. Within a few months of being crowned Prince Adam began to make plan to help restore Helios back to its former glory, as well as increase the Templar's place within the Royal court by promoting men and woman who he knew could lead, and produce results for the people of Helios as well as the whole of the Kingdom.

On his 20th birthday Adam was made the leader of the Templar's and was also Crowned Emperor of Helios. The day was marked in history as the day a new era had begun for Helios, and the Templar's. Once he was made the leader for both the Templar's and Helios he quickly went through with his plans. He started to open trade's with other Kingdom's and opened his boreders up to anyone seeking shelter from the war-torn areas. He also began mass recruitment with both the Military, and Templar forces, he also sent those the Paladin's would want within their ranks to Sir Warren, a man Adam respected and called an older brother. Manly due to all the battle's they had fought, and supported each other on. Adam also opened up trade with Haven, as well as an alliance which he hoped would bring both his and the people of Haven together.

Now Adam has pushed Helios past its former glory, and had made it a Kingdom everyone wanted to live on. The army of Helios provided a strong defence, and the Templar's provided support to the Kingdom, the Paladin's, Haven, and the Holy Lands which they were tasked with watching over. The people of Helios worship Adam as if he has become the father of the land. He now waits for what approches in the up coming future for both his and his allied Kingdom's.
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Sir Anderson- DONE!
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