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 Zanjiro (Mage)

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PostSubject: Zanjiro (Mage)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:51 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Vulcan, Zanjiro


Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Magi

Rank: Mage

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Optional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Blood Type: AB+

Family Members: None

Birth Date: 10/26

Star Sign: Scorpio

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 150 lbs

Body Type: Thin yet Muscular

Best Feature: Magic capabilities

Extra Information: Covered in seemingly ritualistic tribal tatoos that glow when he is using magic


Personality: Zanjiro is a quiet individual who prefers to not talk whenever possible though when he does speak he chooses chooses his words carefully. Zanjiro is a proudful person, preferring to do things on his own whenever possible though he knows his limits and is not too proud to ask for help when he knows he has or will be reaching them.

Likes: (optional)

Dislikes: (optional)

Goals: (optional)

Insecurities: (optional)

Fears: His only Fear is the Fear of Being Betrayed

Strength: Extremely Competent with magic

Weakness: Not real useful against anything resistant/immune to magic

Phobias: (optional. A phobia is an unreasonable fear without an explanation. Example: “Bill has a phobia of spiders because he thinks that every time he sees one, he will die.” Phobias usually result in a panic attack when you are introduced to said thing)

Extra Information: (optional. Things that didn’t go into the other categories would go here)


Addictions: Fire

Withdrawals: Accidentally goes beserk and conjures a flame that will ignite the closest partially flammable object that isn't in direct contact with his skin (wood, hair, clothing, etc)

Bio: Zanjiro was born too a farmer and his wife who both held a recessive gene for magic though no mage had been born into either family as far as they knew. Zanjiro was born with the ability to use magic though neither one of his parents had any idea. Up until he was about five the only difference from him and the other boys that most could see was his silvery white hair though at the age of five his ears started to seem to point at the top.

From the minute that he could hold a hoe Zanjiro's father had him out in the fields tilling the soil and planting seeds and pulling weeds. When he wasn't in the fields with his father his mother had him inside learning how to read using her cookbooks to teach him both reading and measuring. Though when he had time to himself he would head out back to where he fashioned himself makeshift weapons out of random sticks he found lying around and he would pretend. Sometimes he pretended to be stealthy treasure hunter robbing from the treasury of a corrupted official, others he was a galliant knight who wore gleaming armor and rode a white stallion and would save villagers from invading bandits. No the rest of the time he pretended to be something that he considered to be his favorite thing a Wise Mage who appeared out of nowhere and banished evil demons from the face of the earth.

Sometime after his eighth birth day Zanjiro and his father had gone into town to sell some of their produce and pick up a few things. It had been raining that day so Zanjiro was wearing a hooded cloak while in town Zanjiro's father told him to run along and go play with the other kids. Zanjiro smiled at his father nodding and ran off to this enclosed grassy area that some of the kids from the town were playing in. Zanjiro ran around on the grass being very careful not to fall when he accidentally ran into this one bigger kid the impact knocked off Zanjiro's hood revealing his odd hair color and pointy ears. The older kids in the park acted exactly in this order towards himl; laughed, called him names, laughed, beat him up, and laughed again. All Zanjiro did was take there insults and beatings unsure of what he could say or do other wise. The children's taunting voices rang through his head as he lied in his bed and fell asleep. That night he had a very disturbing dream that had him tossing and turning for a majority of the night. While he was still asleep he murmured a single word 'Aindrori'. His house caught on fire right then burning to the ground killing almost everyone inside. The only person to survive was Zanjiro who woke up underneath the wreckage of his roof laying in a pile of ash that used to be his bed and ceiling.

As he crawled out from underneath the wreckage he saw the folks from town digging through a different part of the house looking for survivors but they only found two badly burned bodies. They looked at Zanjiro who besides being extremely filthy from all of the ash and debree was completely unharmed and some of them screamed as if a monster had risen out of the wreckage, the rest threw rocks at him forcing him away. Zanjiro ran through the woods that surrounded one side of his families property racking his brain for an answer to the question of how he remained unharmed after that fire. After running near non-stop for a day and a half he stumbled across another farm on the outskirts of another town. The first thing he did was raid the clothesline for something that he could make into a cloak the next thing he did was found a nice quiet hidden corner in the farms barn that he decided to hide in to get some rest. When he woke up it was early the next day so he snuck his way down to the town. There were a couple of fruit vendors starting set up their shops when he arrived so he grabbed a couple of apples off of one of them when the vendors back was turned or so he thought. The vendor chased after him as he ran. Zanjiro's vision started to fade as his hunger was weakening him. Though barely concious he remembers what happened next as clearly as if it were yesterday. A man wearing a flowing white robe appeared out of no where stopping the vendor and giving him some money for the apples and his time.

The next thing Zanjiro remembers however was waking up on a comfy bed in a dark room and so he thought at first that it was all a dream until the man wearing the white robe came in to check on him. The conversation that occured next basically involved the man giving Zanjiro one of two choices, The first being that Zanjiro would train under him to become a mage, The second however wasn't so pleasent. So Zanjiro aggreed to be trained by the man. The first step in the training however involved the man giving Zanjiro magical tattoos that would glow when he was properly using one of the basics of magic and burn him whenever he failed to do so. The years went by and Zanjiro studied under the man learning the magic at a rate that was surprisingly fast even Zanjiro's master was beyond impressed. Zanjiro also seemed to have a knack for the elements especially Fire and Ice.

After Zanjiro became twenty years old his master felt that the only way for him to learn how to use magic better was to go off into the real world and use it there for a while before returning for more training. When he left Zanjiro took his advice and sought out a lord by the name of Lance where he became a member of his court and act both as a mage and adviser to the young king of Orokos.
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Sir Judge

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PostSubject: Re: Zanjiro (Mage)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:56 am

Approved however 3 weak spells only as a start off.
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Zanjiro (Mage)
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