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 Chelle Takeiro, A God Complex

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PostSubject: Chelle Takeiro, A God Complex   Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:46 am

{ B a s i c I n f o r m a t i o n }

Name: Rochelle Felicity DiMartino-Takeiro or Chelle Takeiro

Alias: Queen Chelle, A God Complex

Gender: Female

Age: N/A. Appears early twenties.

Race: Angelic Vampire

Class: "Demon"

Rank: Queen.

Sexual Orientation: Depends.

Blood Type: O- or O+, but she certainly prefers A+ or B-.

Family Members:
Nathaniel Xavier DiMartino, Brother.

Star Sign: Capricorn

Extra Information: She has wings.

{ A p p e a r a n c e }


Height: 5'8"

Weight: Roughly 123lbs

Body Type: Thin, lean, scarred on her back and near her heart.

Extra Feature: She has wings.

Voice: A simple alto/soprano mix. Has an Italian accent.

Extra Clothing/Gear: She likes corsets.

{ P e r s o n a }

Personality: Chelle is a flirt, but can be serious when need be. She's seen the world, but finds it enjoyable to learn new things every day. She can be fun, mean, cruel, happy, or sad. She is an all right woman, and she's easy to get along with. Her temper can be set off, though, so I'd be careful if she's stressed or hungry.

Likes: Adventure, the thrill of a game of cat and mouse, hunting, parties, being in charge, etc.

Dislikes: Losing, disappointment, being disliked in general.

Goals: Becoming successfully more rich than she is now.

Fears: Losing loved ones. Not death, but the thought of being forgotten.

Strength: When well rested, and fully fed, she is at her peak abilities.

Weakness: She cannot heal as quickly as most Vampires or Demons.

Extra Information: Chelle wields a blade, and is skilled with multiple weapons. She also has the ability to change her form from normal to demon-like. Her skin becomes grey, her fangs and claws get longer, and it looks as if her eyes are the color of melting gold. Her strength increases slightly while in her demonic mode. She can hover and her flexes are divinely fast, demon-form or regular appearance. Her bloodline is the reason for this. Chelle is also capable of mentally speaking with her brother, and with anyone that gives her the permission to be linked with. Her senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch are highly enhanced and etc. She is able to reproduce, but chooses not to due to the loss of her adoptive son, Malus.

{ H i s t o r y }

History: Many, many years back.. when Earth was just being created, and God was up above commanding his favorite Angel to the depths of Hell, something happened. Something lovely. Our known Devil decided to spawn children and send them on a mission to destroy his once prized companion. First born was a daughter! Oh, hell to that; pun not intended. Lucifer was upset. He was fuming mad. He had no need for a weak, disgusting daughter to do his bidding. He needed a son. He tried again and was satisfied with his second choice. A son. A son that he kept. He banished his daughter to Terra when she reached the age of 22.

Her first centuries roaming Earth were boring. She had a fuzzy memory of her first twenty-two years of age. After posing a human to live on Earth, she had noticed she wasn't aging. People called her Vampire, Witch, and Demon. She had to keep changing places, moving about. Traveling away. Her appearances changed, her hair being cut now and then, or she'd grow it to her ankles and wear it like that in long elaborate braids. She fought in wars with her hair chopped short, posing as a man to help battles when she saw that a certain side needed to win. She was an odd vigilante.

When she first came to Earth, her father Lucifer had told her that her strength and certain powers she had in Hell were going to come back to her at a smaller scale, but she would gain them back in due time. She thought he was kidding, considering he was a cruel individual and hated her guts. So, instead of begging her father for acceptance, she turned to God. God decided Chelle would become an Angel and do God's work. Chelle betrayed Him, her once bright white wings becoming a dark ebony. Every time she took a life, though, one of the black feathers would turn red. Thus, her wings are black with scattered crimson feathers.

After a while, Chelle decided to form a group of mercenaries, or bounty hunters. The group was called "Thrones." The positions started from Queen and went to jester. . o O ( I will create the group on here so that other characters can join it, if I am permitted to create the group. It would be fun for people to work together in an organization.. just battling against the forces of evil, or testing the powers of good. )

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PostSubject: Re: Chelle Takeiro, A God Complex   Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:25 pm

Good history, rather descriptive persona section. plenty of information to get a feel of the charachter before even meeting her.

With that and this I say....


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Chelle Takeiro, A God Complex
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