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PostSubject: Cerberus   Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:50 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Cerberus

Alias: Unknown to the Mortal world

Gender: Shape shifter mostly Male

Age: 3000

Race: Demon Unbound Demon

Class: - (Only for humans)

Rank: Prince

Sexual Orientation(Optional): Gay

Blood Type(Optional): A+

Family Members(Optional): killed its entire family.

Birth Date(Optional): 3000 Years ago

Zodiac Sign(Optional): Arie

Extra Information: can hear the hart beat of a human from 100 yards way, deu to his extensive mental foces he can attain even in sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: see photo

Height: 2,00 cm ( 2,70 cm with Horns counted )

Weight: 84 kg

tail: 160'cm long Devil tail

Body Type: Slender and Musculair looking

Extra Feature: triple tongue piercing and left earring,Horns 70 cm long and a 160'cm long Devil tail

Voice: ragged slightly angry sounding

Extra Clothing/Gear: furr


Personality: some kindness still remains in his hart he could get very aggressive wen threatened,
beeing traumatized by witnessing the one he loved tortured just over the line of death,any future male mate will be guarded as closely as he can 24 -7. due to his keen and sharp mind he can be very focused yet
relentless with unparalleled endurance, he is mostly serious and Doesn't talk much. is analytical about most things and learns fast, adapts Quick in a situation.he Dislikes women and Hates holy music even more it fulls him with indescribable anger. his ferrousity sets in totally wen he smells blood and gains him even more strength the seer smell of it he noticed it wen he was ataneding his Aromatherapy and Acupuncture lessons.

Likes: sex, Alcohol and the smooth feeling of a human skin.

Dislikes: holy music and women

Goals: have sex with a women so a human demon hybrid will be born on the mortal world.

Fears: women

Strength: the smell of blood

Weakness: holy music

Extra Information: -


History: his Father was a Great King of the inmortal world desplaing agresiveness as well as cunningness and great trust and loyalty among his servents and army of 240 legions.
a noticeable female demon among his ranks desplayed a endurance of onscaled amaunt of endruance leading legions on the field from victory to victory and dsplaying astounding ferocity leadership.
she was summond upon the King as she kneeld, the king stud up and spoke of her great goals,he wanted to claim her to her suprise,she achapted it and became his wife.
a year passed and
Cerberus was born among the demonsfrom her already a prince he was nurterd with great Militaristical and limmeted love Care, from age 0 to age 7
he spend 1 year in a special demon Chamber where he received enhancments and enlightenments to his very body and beeing to enforce him in his coming Teachings, training and waking up his mental awareness.
From the Age of 9 to the age of 24 he received extansive training in a very broad and extensive feriaty of marial combat Training,astro-mineralogy and crystalography,metallurgy and chemistry, Human anatomi, Human history, Mortal World history and much more teachings
he was teached by multiple Technocrats about these arts (a Technocrat is composed of genius scientist)you will find them always over the realm where all human logic
would be defied. For thousands of years, no normal humans have ever cracked the code of a Technocrat.
The Technocrat inspires the researchers of the an entire empire with his presence.

How ever Cerberus got very intrigued by the human atnomi specifically in the Male human atanomi he indetfied with it on a specific level beeing trained
among mostly Male Demons and few nandrogyms and even fewer female demons. in his mind he felt a pleaseing effect by the sight of the Male typ.

at the age of 25 this intrigue started to grow rapidly,he was statoined with a Elite Leggion Group called Light Devourers desplaying atributes even betetr then his own mother,he was given
a special title as the most feard and greatest Champion Gardian of his father's family. 7 mounths later he came home afther he greated his father and told of his countless victorys,
he desided to have a celebration drink in the local pub with some freinds who he made in the legions he gaided into battle and raised victory with.
wen they came in Cerberus he spotted a Male demon who stared at him with a blush from a farr sitting in the corner on a table, Aftehr a few good drinks he saw that the same Male Demon
was still looking over to him from the table with an even brither blush then before , he elbowd one of his best commeratds and told him to look at the demon who stared over to him,
and wanted to bet with his comrade that he chould make out with that demon who stared to him. his comard laughed and told him that it a funny tougth but it whould bring Hysteriato every one and
that such an act whould be the very top of Blasfemous, he whould probely be tortured to death by his once proud father and stripped of not only his Title but also of all glory and honour.
Cerberus drank out his Glass of alcohol and set it down on the barr saying "i do not care" he walked over to the Male demon and made out with him right there in the barr,
his commarad looked in astonisment as the rest of the whole barr, deemed the act Blasfemous by every one the Male demon and Cerberus where captured and put dwon on their knees infront of his father,
whom looked at Cerberus with the i am disapionted in you my son look on his face. hower he chould not barr in his hart that his once gloreous son held back by the mere Gayness of his actions,
so he tortured the Male demon infront of Cerberus his own eyes while cerberus was chained down and bare to watch the tortering, as the male demon cryed out in pain and marcy so did Cerberus to try to stop his father,
but then something snaped in his mind and he raged out beating down his father killing him, looking back to tthe ganging Male demon he saw Qiuckly that he was about to die
Cerberus was trying to get him loose from the hanging chains, saying that it was going to be alright, the male demon died saying the words that whould hunt Cerberus for years to come "I Love you"
Cerberus got him down and held him famely in his arms crying out of rage and curshed his whole famely,mere days lather almsot the whole kingdoem was murderd by the hands of cerberus,
years afther he Murderd his entire famely
His name is only whispered among the Dukes of the Inmortal world and the ranks of the other Demon legions, for it invokes dread into even the greatest of the Emperor's heroes.
he his name became lagendary afther 2999 years of Crushing and killing whole kingdomes single handedly, the remaining Elite Champions amassed together to try to Banish him to the Mortal world
but they all failed and dieyed by his hands few servived his onslauth and retreated to the remaining kingdome ,1 year later upon Cerberus arivle of the last remaining kingdome in his world the duke of that kingdome
Offerd him knowladge of Love he did not know yet, the duke's words touched teh cold hart of cerberus and gave it warmth Knowldge of love? he sed "here beyond our world there lieys another world"
the duke sed who will ecept you for who you are and whom you whould love, does that not sound comfrting to you ? Cerberus gave it a toutght and achapted the proposale of the duke.
"however the duke sed you must inpregnate a female in that world to ensure our servival" Cerberus nodded and agred "very well" few days later Cerberus was send to the Human mortal world.
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PostSubject: Re: Cerberus   Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:46 pm

Little longer on the personality, lot longer on the history too If he's 3000 years of age there is alot you have to work with!

Extra Information: can hear the hart beat of a human from miles away

I think that is a little excessive when it comes to hearing, I could see hearing them within a 100 yards or so but multiple miles?

If you have any questions throw them my way or at another one of our moderaters!

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PostSubject: Re: Cerberus   Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:20 am

Ok 3 miles is still multiple miles Sebastian told you 100 yards would be fine so work with him


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PostSubject: Re: Cerberus   Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:24 pm

*adapted to 100 yards, Hearing HUMAN hart beat to a maximum 100 yards*
waiting fro ok status
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PostSubject: Re: Cerberus   Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:32 pm





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PostSubject: Re: Cerberus   

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