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PostSubject: Rathalos    Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:07 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Rathalos

Alias: The Barbarian Lord, World Traveller

Gender: Male

Age: 40 (Assumed)

Race: Human

Class: Lord

Rank: Lord

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Blood Type(Optional:) AB

Family Members(Optional:)

Birth Date(Optional:) Unknown

Star Sign(Optional:) Unkown

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Height: 6 ft 6 inches

Weight: 300 lbs

Body Type: Large and muscular

Extra Feature:


Extra Clothing/Gear:


Personality: Rathalos is a warrior at heart, and bases his ideology around the idea that the greatest of warriors make the best leaders, save for those that prove themselves capable. Though intelligent, he does not make use of it much during the fight, rather deciding to use force to make his point and lead by example. As a fighter, he is a savage combatant, making use of his large size and powerful limbs to face off against the toughest of opponents in battle. His lifetime of battle allows him to know how to do battle with all but the most unorthodox of opponents and allows him to be able to take down foes with greater physical attributes compared to himself.

His intelligence goes as far as a warrior's thoughts would go, wartime strategy and weaponry, knowing such things from hundreds of countries that he had traveled upon in his lifetime. His training as a barbarian has made him harness his rage into a weapon, focusing himself to fight certain opponents and scare off would be attackers. When under his battle rage, Rathalos disregards everything about himself and focuses himself on harming his opponent, by any means necessary.

On terms of his rule, Rathalos is a simplistic ruler, he puts down basic rules for his people, and should they decide to break the rules, they would be punished accordingly. He doesn't care who a person is or what they do for a living, so long as they follow his rules, a person can be whatever way they want to be. Though generally emotionally detached, Rathalos does care about his people, making his rules fair and just, unlike those that caused him grief over the entirety of his life.

Likes: Battle, Honor

Dislikes: Cowards, Weaklings,

Goals: To show his people what it is like to be a warrior

Fears: To die a dishonorable death

Rathalos has retained incredible physical fitness for one of his age, able to move at considerable speeds and lift considerable weight compared to that of the average knight, however he is nothing more than a strong man in those cases. Without armor, Rathalos can be considered to have the strength of three men, able to pick up weights that most men would struggle on.

Rathalos' greatest strength is his skill and experience in battle. Despite fighting vastly superior opponents, Rathalos is able to use those to his advantage, and defeat those who could attempt to exploit those differences. Being a warrior of considerable years, Rathalos is able to wield a large paraphernalia of weapons with masterful skill, able to pick up most weapons and wield them as if he had spent years training with it.

Rathalos is unable to swim, being large and armored, which makes it difficult for him to face down certain opponents, especially those who would take advantage of it. It also makes it so that he has difficulty fighting in muddy or sandy terrain, due to the concepts of those areas.

Rathalos' large size makes him a big target to those who make use of ranged attacks rather than face the lord in close quarters combat. Archers and especially magic users are able to strike the lord long before he reaches them, which could cause difficulty once he manages to close the distance.

Extra Information:



Very little know of the traceable origins that date back through time about the mysterious Rathalos, a tall man who fights with the intensity of several men, fighting like a man possessed under undying rage. With skills unknown to most men, a will of stone, and a heart of gold, none can really know where his story began. But with several different records, one would be able to trace his origins, and learn his story. A story filled with despair, void of hope, and anger.

Rathalos was born in a small, unknown village deep within the realms of the Barbarian Lands, a lawless place of starving criminals, lifeless nobodies, and warring barbarian tribes. Rathalos himself didn't know much about his village, for he didn't live in it for more than two years before he was whisked away from his homeland. An unknown group of people found and pillaged his village, taking men, women and child as slaves to bring them off to some unknown country. Rathalos watched as his family and friends were murdered before his eyes, though barely able to understand the concepts at the age of two, but the images burned into his brain for the rest of his life.

Once he arrived in the new country, Rathalos was dumped into a world filled with violence even greater than his original home. With his new home, Rathalos was subjected to fight after fight with children his own age, being trained to disregard life and fight against his opponents, no matter how impossible the odds. As the years went by, he met people from other countries, learned their skills, and continued to fight opponents, which ranged from humans, animals and sometimes even demons. With his small, insignificant existence, Rathalos accepted his fate and resigned himself to fighting against enemies until he died.

It was not until he had reached young adulthood that Rathalos broke out of his battle driven trance, meeting people that helped him escape the turmoil of the arena and taught him how to control his rage and violence. However, Rathalos still had trouble controlling himself in regular society, which caused problems with everyone he owed his freedom to. As a result, Rathalos set off to travel to distant lands, using his former winnings in order to take care of the costs in travelling and making sure he continued to have food. Within the wild, he searched through himself the answer to calming his rage. Upon his travels between lands, he found his answer with a section of people who work in the art of harnessing their rage into a weapon that can aid them against the greatest of opponents, something that Rathalos had untapped potential in.

With his newly found skills, he worked to increase his ability to fight with skill rather than brute power, going to multiple countries to work into his fighting style, searching through the lands of Nothern Islands with small men of yellow tones, learning their advanced and fluid fighting styles, the training of his captors and the calming teachings of the mountain monks. Within his travels, he studied amazing pieces of armor, weapons and worked to record them, for later in life. Once he had reached the age of thirty, Rathalos returned to his homeland, working to gain respect among his people. Over the next five years, Rathalos lived with every major tribe for half a year, and also made trading agreements with the smaller tribes and eventually conjoined them together into a single, counsel ruled tribe. Though some tribes refused the new system, save one or two of the major tribes, the smaller tribes took the advantage and joined.

With his newly respected position as representative of the barbarian people, Rathalos came to Helios in order to make peace. The Emperor at the time honored the agreement, and Rathalos took his places a well respected lord, despite his background. Teaching lords of his people, customs, and even taught them about how to be a warrior of his kind. After the disappearance of the Emperor and his successor, Rathalos was nominated to rule as Lord of Helios to keep the peace, to preserve the empire from infighting.
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PostSubject: Re: Rathalos    Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:27 pm

hmm... so your a member of the Templar's and were one of the Primarchs under Adam's rule when he was still human? I hope you rule Helios well in my stead lol.



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