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 Justori James Bronze

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Justori Bronze

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PostSubject: Justori James Bronze   Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:57 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Justori James Bronzious

Alias: Justori Bronze, The Paladin of the Scales, James Coppnit

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Rank: Black

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Blood Type(Optional): HH (OOC: Often called "Bombay Blood"

Family Members(Optional): None that he speaks of.

Birth Date(Optional): September 28

Star Sign(Optional): Libra, the scales.

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: From a single glance, it can be instantly assessed that he is quite muscular, even in full battle armor. He has a bag or two under his eyes, despite often getting good sleep. Looking into his eyes is like looking into a book you know if full of information, but cannot read. He gives off a protective feeling to those that are innocent or allies to him, but gives of a strong feeling of fear and intimidation to those who he considers an enemy. He has a large build, and looks average weight. He is tall.


Height: 6' 5''

Weight: 230 lbs

Body Type: Large and muscular

Extra Feature: He has a diagonal scar under his eye, and another on his cheekbone. Tattooed on his chest is the Libra Scales.

Voice: His voice sounds exactly like Liam Neeson's (He voices Aslan from the Narnia series.)

Extra Clothing/Gear:


Personality:He is very protective and "pure." He is quite kind to his friends, and ruthless to his enemies. His is usually very silent. He is wise beyond his years, and his insight is great. He is very serious about most things, and doesn't talk about himself or his past at all. If he loves someone, he will always be faithful to them. His full trust is uncommon, but once obtained, is well worth obtaining.

Likes: Clear days, Sunlight, Nature, Clear lakes, forests, justice, kindness, children, innocence, relaxation.

Dislikes: Corruption, lies, dreary days or dreariness in general, evil in general, unkindness, destruction, betrayals.

Goals: To forever purge the land of Demons, evil, and filth, to prove to God that humans are not failures, and to bring God back to the world.

Fears: Humans losing and demons taking total control for the rest of eternity, God forever abandoning the world, bad natured people becoming more common than good natured people, all authority becoming corrupt.

Strength: Is very "pure" and would be hard to corrupt. Is very trustworthy and strong willed. Would never betray someone. Is vicious and nearly unstoppable in battle. Even when there is no hope, when winning is no longer a possibility, when fighting back becomes futile, he still fights on anyway.

Weakness: Women and Children. If someone were to threaten them, he would surrender. If he's betrayed by someone he truly trusted, he becomes depressed. The more evil than good in the world he sees, the sadder and more hopeless he becomes (could be exploited by illusions or delusions).

Extra Information: If he were to believe that the Kingdom he served had corrupt people in positions of authority, he would go to great lengths to remove them from power, even assassination.


[b]History: Shortly after he was born to his parents, the village he and his parents lived in was invaded by Unbound demons. A group of demons broke into his parents' small house and killed them both. As they all approached the child, ready to kill it just as they had it's parents. As one chanted a spell to snuff out the small flame of life from the baby boy, three men wielding battle-hammers ran inside and dispatched all four demons in under a minute. They assessed there were too many demons to free the village, and quickly made it out with the baby boy. They trekked for a week on land, feeding the child milk they obtained from farms along the way. Stocked up with enough milk to feed the child, they arrived on a beach with a longboat on it. They pushed the boat into the ocean, got in, and sailed. Three days later, they arrived on an island covered in plant life that made the island look as green as an emerald. The men took the baby to a temple in the middle of the island. The men told their master they had retrieved the child right were it was foretold he would be. The next Paladin of the Scales had been brought to the Island of the Just.

Justori was named and nurtured. He grew up loved and cared for. He was taught the difference between right and wrong, the history of the world, and why is was important to always be just. Throughout his life he trained vigorously, and learned as much as the island natives, the "Order of Libra", could teach him. He grew up living a structured, peaceful, enjoyable life.

As soon as he turned 33 (he was long accustomed to everyone on the island celebrating their birthday in the same month as him) he was told of the prophecy bestowed upon the Order long ago, saying that a Paladin of the Scales would one day be born. Two weeks before his birth, a voice whispered to all on the island, that the Paladin of the Scales had been born, but would soon be killed by demons if no one intervened. Immediately, the most elite the Order could offer were sent to the village the voice told them. Justori was told of his parents, and that he would now become the Paladin of the Scales. The news hit him like a bag of bricks, but he accepted it all. He always knew this place was not his home, he always felt it. And he also felt as if he was needed elsewhere. That night, he was officially named Justori, Paladin of the Scales. He was given the Armour of Justice and the Hammer of Light. And then, he set off for the main land.
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Lord of Haven

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PostSubject: Re: Justori James Bronze   Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:37 pm

Approved until stated otherwise
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Justori James Bronze
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