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 Ivan Blackraven

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Ivan Blackraven

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PostSubject: Ivan Blackraven   Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:26 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Ivan Blackraven

Alias: The Frost Born, Harbringer

Gender: Male

Age: 22


Class: Knight

Rank: none specified

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Blood Type(Optional): A+

Family Members(Optional): Large extensive family making up the bulk of Blackraven Hall

Birth Date(Optional): June 2

Star Sign(Optional): Gemini

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Tall and fair. Ivan has dark brown hair, bordering black which is kept long but neat. He sports a long shaggy beard that dominates much of his face. Both his hair and his beard are kept neat by the use of braids. After years of fighting to survive and training in the ways of war, Ivan is extremely fit. His eyes are an emerald green.

Height: 6’7

Weight: 230

Body Type: A+

Extra Feature: Bears clawed scar from his left ear down to his chest from where he wrestled a bear with nothing but a knife.

Voice: Very deep hearty voice

Extra Clothing/Gear: Wears a mixture of leather, fur, and chainmail always even when attending formal events, for he believes it is best to always be ready. When not fighting in the northern territories or at a formal event, though, he sports a long cloak of black raven feathers, signifying that he is truly part of the Blackraven family.


Personality: Outside of battle, Ivan can be a very gentle man compared to most northerners. He enjoys many of the simple things like sitting around a fire and trading stories. He believes in honesty and honor above all else and is not afraid to tell a person his views of them. This leads to him seeming arrogant.

In battle, he is a ferocious beast to contend with. He relishes in the thrills he gains from battle and often charges into battle without a care in the world.

Likes: Honor, battle, women, stories, mead, ale, comrades.

Dislikes: Deception, weaklings, Those who show no honor in battle, those who go against the old ways, anyone who stands against him.

Goals: To bring all of Valleire under the banner of the Blackraven’s

Fears: Dying a dishonorable death

Strength: His brute strength and military tactics.

Weakness: His uneasiness with magic makes him less likely to accept help from mages. He may even attack potential allies because they use magic. His brash behavior in battle could lead to his downfall also.

Extra Information: This is John Fletcher’s second account. Made it because Fletcher is kinda stuck without DeMoyah and Sebastion. Plus I wanted something a little new.


History: Ivan was born to Olaf and Svetlana Blackraven on a cold harsh winters day in Valliere. Olaf was the current head of the Blackraven Hall, a mead hall for the Blackraven family to get together and tell stories of battle. He was named after his great, great grandfather, Ivan Blackraven, who was one of the first to conquer these lands. His great, great grandfather was there when the land was still Orokos and their family had great standing and say in what the northern lands did. But once his great, great grandfather died, the northern lands changed. No longer did they follow the old traditions set in stone. No longer did they attack and pillage the southern kingdoms. No, they instead welcomed the southern kingdoms and all of their culture in with open arms. It sickened the Blackraven family and though they tried mightily, they could not sway the rulers of Orokos to change their minds. When Orokos changed to Valliere, the Blackraven family left the capitol city and headed north. Led by Ivan’s grandfather, the Blackraven family marched through the snow and ice until they found a suitable place to set up roots on a cliff overlooking a large ice shelf. It was there that they established the Blackraven Hall.

Originally, Blackraven Hall was to be used for their family to meet up and discuss issues and to act as a safe haven against attacks from the demons of the north. But as more and more people left Valliere because of the changes being made, it became a castle amongst a growing city. The members of Blackraven were renowned for their hunting of northern demons and stalwart military tactics. As the years went by, Blackraven became more of an organization than a family, though the original Blackraven family still had the most prestigious rankings in the organization. As the city swelled, so did the ranks of the Blackravens and soon, it had an army to rival Valliere’s.

Years went by and the people of Blackraven’s Hollow were contempt with their lives. The old ways were saved and the warriors in the hall continued to gain fame as monster hunters. The title of Harbringer passed from Ivan’s grandfather down to his father, Olaf, and his father married into another wealthy family in the city. Together, they ruled the city and gave birth to Ivan, followed by three brothers and two sisters. Being the eldest, Ivan was groomed at a very young age to replace his father.

Through many of his young years, Ivan spent his time in his house, learning to read and write from his mother while also being taught the basics of battle. He spent his days brawling and fighting with his brothers and his evenings with his father and the other warriors in the mead hall, listening to stories. At the age of seven, he was taken from his home and sent to the small military training school on the other side of town. There he spent every waking moment for seven years learning how to be a better warrior. It was grueling work and many of his friends died throughout the training, but all it did to him was made him stronger.

At the age of fourteen, Ivan graduated at the top of his class and was sent to join a Blackraven scouting party. There, he spent six years tearing through the snow torn north hunting down demons to make his city safe. In every battle they fought, Ivan got stronger, until at the age of nineteen, a few weeks before he would turn twenty and be allowed to return home, he and his party came face to face with an ice dragon. Dragons were thought to have been extinct so the party was caught completely off guard. They fought and fought for two days against the massive beast until finally, Ivan decided they had to finish the fight or he would never make it home.

Ivan dashed out into the open and taunted the dragon out. As the massive dragon landed before him, it reached down and attempted to swallow him whole. He allowed it to and as he was almost to the beast’s stomach, he swung his mighty axe and began to cut through the lizard’s throat. The dragon hacked and coughed to try and force him back up, but he was already too deep. The dragon was doomed. Ivan cut his way out of the dragon’s throat and then continued to slice around until the head of the beast was completely free. As the dragon’s lifeless body struck the ground, the men around Ivan cheered and lifter him up on their shoulders.

On Ivan’s twentieth birthday, he rode into Blackraven’s Hollow and presented the dragon’s head to his mother and father. They welcomed him home with open arms and a huge celebration. He spent the next year defending Blackraven’s Hollow from any demons that came to attack his home. He had an easy life and was well on his way to replacing his father. Little did he know that the day to do so was coming soon.

Shortly after his twenty first birthday, Ivan’s father rode forth with his group of personal body guards to meet with the rulers of Valliere to establish a trade route between the cities. He believed that even if the people of Valliere didn’t stick to the old ways, both cities could benefit from trade. He never returned. A few weeks later Ivan sent out a scouting party to find them and when the party returned, gave the news that Olaf and all the men were executed for treason. This ushered Ivan in as the new Harbringer, but he didn’t care. All he cared for was revenge.

A year has passed since that day. Every day since has been in preparation to taking over Valliere. In Ivan’s mind, one day soon he’ll be marching on Valliere and taking back what is rightfully his.
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PostSubject: Re: Ivan Blackraven   Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:25 pm

Accepted but would like a second opinion before I make it official


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PostSubject: Re: Ivan Blackraven   Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:18 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ivan Blackraven   

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Ivan Blackraven
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