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 Eliza von Delabreaux

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Lady of Valliere

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PostSubject: Eliza von Delabreaux   Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:19 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Elizabeth Francoise Von Delabreaux

Alias: Angel of Death

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Human

Class: Lady

Rank: ---

Sexual Orientation: Confused! XD

Blood Type(Optional): AB-

Family Members(Optional):

- Savalith – Older Brother
- Astea – Younger Sister
- Valencia - Cousin

Birth Date(Optional): 29 February

Star Sign(Optional): not sure.

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Height: 5’4

Weight: 99 lbs

Body Type: Slender and slim. More of a petite type.

Extra Feature:

- Eliza has heterochromia (different coloured eyes). Her left is blue and her right is red. However, she often pairs them blue temporarily with the help of some mages in the kingdom.

- She has a small brand at the back of her neck, seen as a royal birth mark.

Voice: Naturally soft and smooth and has a hint of high-toned pitch. Her accent is British.

Extra Clothing/Gear:



Eliza's personality varies depending on her situation. As a Lady, she is a headstrong leader of her land, able to make decisions and stay firm into holding them. She values honour and has a high standing of pride. She is often seen as a serious individual possessing great characteristics of a model dictator. She was groomed by her father to be the perfect son as the heir to the throne that he never had.

On the other hand, as a thief during evening or free time, Eliza is a very free spirited person. She is an outgoing lass who can't live without her sweets, music, and probably her mischievousness. She hated anything regarding politics and is only doing her job as repayment of being taken cared of by her parents. Likewise, she dislikes fighting, yet due to her role, is often times forced to.

When she sets her mind into something, she would do everything to achieve it, even if it costs impracticality. She will not hesitate to sacrifice several lives if it’s for the safety and even benefit of the land.

- sweets
- strategic board games
- humour
- piano and violin
- roses
- sunset and full moon

- Bugs (particularly spiders)
- Bitter food
- Cold people
- Waiting and listening to non-sense matters
- Arrogance

To live up to everyone’s expectations, and protect the people of her kingdom.

- bugs (particularly spiders)
- total darkness
- slight claustrophobia

- A natural genius (can perceive things accordingly base from events and facts)
- Exceptional accuracy with the use of Bow and Arrow
- Charm and looks can be lethal. XD

- Physical Fragility
- Hardheadedness
- Lack of Knowledge with Magic

Extra Information:

- Eliza is physically fragile, having several disorders such as asthma and heart problems.
- She is a natural genius, having an IQ above that of 200.
- She is near sighted. And would often needs glasses to read.
- She is ambidextrous, able to wield anything equally with either her left or right hand.
- She is more proficient in archery than in swordsmanship.



"It won't come off. The blood of the thousand people inflicted by these hands still lingers in my flesh.
And I wondered of covering them up with some more... so the scent of death would be the norm.
And I would be masked from this sin."

Eliza came from a long lineage of nobility and was born second of the three siblings of Valliere’s royal family. Having an older brother as the direct crown prince and heir to the throne made Eliza’s upbringing a less strict one - being mentored regarding politics and rules of the kingdom, but never about leadership. She was a woman, and tradition has it that females were to merely assist men’s business. Thus, her childhood had been a fruitful experience.

The days of ignorance and innocence showered with utmost care and wealth were the days she most cherished in her memories. Out of the three siblings, she was the most carefree. She spent most of her free time gazing through sceneries, sneaking out to play, or discovering ‘mysteries’ as she stayed true to her path of becoming a future ‘explorer’. She was one to cause most of the trouble with her parents and despite the constant pressure of comparison between her siblings, she was never affected. News had it that her brother was being groomed to be the perfect ruler, whilst her younger sister developed a strong attraction to learning more of sorcery. On the other hand, Eliza grew normally as any other royal blood – neither skilled nor talented to boast of.

It was one of these days of naivety that she had met another ignorant fellow by the name of Ziggy. The girl immediately developed interest with the boy, finding his attitude noteworthy of valour and prowess despite his young age. They spent some memorable time together, though with some perturbations to ruin the day. But in the end, she did never forget his name. And this very same person would soon turn out to be one of her personal knights.

A few years before the peak of events which would lead to her complete change, a sudden meeting with a precious relative even widened her ambiance and welcomed her to a world she’d always dreamed of. Despite the short, brief, and slightly awkward conversation with Astea, Eliza deeply cherished the forming bond. It was the first time she had spent moments with her sister, getting to know her better in the process. There was a clear difference between their personalities but was probably one of the primary points of interest and attraction. Overtime, she had grown closer and more overprotective to her sister, much like what older sisters do.

However, those times were cut short upon reaching teenage life. The sudden news of her older brother revolting and giving up the position to be the heir was the turning point of this ignorant world. As the direct descendant after his brother, she had had to bear the responsibility of the kingdom – of the whole Valliere. She had gone to immeasurable ways to run away from such fact for she was never prepared for this. Pleading was futile and had even gone far as to threaten on leaving the kingdom. But naïve as she was, her dependency towards her family proved to be stronger than she had thought. Thus, she had no choice but to accept.

Eliza was trained in various uses of weapons, political values, law of balance, managing the kingdom and everything she needed to learn. The current Lord at the time, her father, was intent on raising her to reach unexplainable ways – better than her older brother even, perhaps due to his strong disappointment as well. It was also during this time that they had discovered one of her strong talents – her intelligence which measures up greater than most people. That natural genius intellect, which remained unpolished over the years, was then refined to be the perfect weapon.

Over the years, perhaps through the teachings, pressure, and hastened mentoring, Eliza gradually changed from a clueless girl to a headstrong leader. She didn’t let her physical fragility – the fact that she had several sicknesses – to get in the way of her role. She had began to develop a sense of coldness and wariness over the people around her, and her relationship with her friends and siblings, especially Astea, had grown more distant and more formal. Her priority had changed – from something as shallow as ‘reaching happiness’ to something like ‘protecting the kingdom’. And through witnessing disputes, wars and battles, her view of the once perfect world was now the horrid place built for horrid creatures.

Thus, after the death of the current Lord, Eliza ascended to being the ruler at still a young age. But despite that fact, she struggles to live up to her late father’s expectations and the expectations of the people around her. Her performance received acclaims and recognitions, but those appraising words simply bounced off her. It no longer mattered and she no longer cared. To her, she was still far from being the son that was supposed to be sitting in that position.

(can I cut this short? XD this wouuuld probably be one of the worst (and most rushed) histories I’ve ever made (lacking imagination and stuff)… ehh.. it’s cause I want to RP already… >< (yeah, this is how much i'm getting addicted to this siteXD)... I haven’t even actually relayed everything (like, reason behind the alias, or the personality, or the heterochromia, or how her fear developed. And stuff) but it contains the gist anyway. =3 I can retell/mention the rest as I RP anyway.. weeee~)
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PostSubject: Re: Eliza von Delabreaux   Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:59 pm

Approved unless stated otherwise
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Eliza von Delabreaux
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