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 Astea Platinovna Von Delabreaux

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PostSubject: Astea Platinovna Von Delabreaux   Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:39 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Astea Platinovna Von Delabreaux

Alias: The Dark Fairy

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Race: Human

Class: Mage


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type(Optional): AB+

Family Members(Optional):

- Elizabeth Francoise Von Delabreaux; Older sister
- Savalith Qaulafin Rukkense; Older Brother
- Valencia Lockheart; Cousin

Birth Date(Optional): December 13th

Star Sign(Optional): Sagittarius

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Height: 5'1

Weight: 80 lbs

Body Type: Young

Extra Feature:

Voice: Young

Extra Clothing/Gear: Black Mage robe



Astea is manipulative, yet hardworking. She sometimes speaks in sarcastic tones and is not very well liked by many. Towards those she care for, she is warm and much rarely, sweet, holding determination to protect them in her own ways. Sometimes, obsession takes over her to dangerous levels. For those whom she despises, however, she is venomous and sometimes openly hostile. It is possible for her to hide something under the venomous and cold exterior of hers which has been coupled with sadistic impulses and sinister schemes.


+ Elizabeth, her older sister (obsessive)
+ Magic
+ Control
+ Causing Misery
+ Scheming
+ Flowers
+ Warmth from others
+ Intellectuals
+ Challenges


- Savalith, her older brother
- Most other people
- Noise
- Stupidity
- Fools
- Being bargained with
- Interruption
- Unforeseen obstacles


- Getting approved by her older sister
- Enjoying life
- Carving out an 'evil order' on her own


- Rejection by close ones, especially Elizabeth
- Lonliness
- Complete failure
- Being defenseless


- Intellectual
- Crafty
- Determined
- Influential ability in speech
- Independent
- Evil


- Excessively independent
- Very questionable motives and actions
- Anti-social
- Sadist
- Obsessive
- Easily lonely

Extra Information:



Born within the royal bloodline, youngest of three, Astea first saw light within the chambers of Orokos castle, immediately showered with luxury and care. She was born to be a princess, one of those in line for the throne, even if she is the youngest, she is destined to be there, decided even before birth.

What was not supposed to happen, on the other hand, was the growth of her sinister self, twisted and deformed along with dosages of sadism. None of the castle's inhabitants knew how she turned to become in such a way, she rarely left her room after the age of seven, appearing randomly on her own volition. It is not really known whether she done it herself or with help of another, but Astea dabbled and dove into the arts of the magus. Infusing her then young body with knowledge and magical energies, first borne from the demons which ravaged the lands of old.

The arts which she experienced are no simple magic, they are complex and dangerous, the dark, evil based magic of corrupted essence are her forte, she has learnt them with obsessive passion. It became inevitable as the once innocent child turned into a vicious, scheming mage whose existence is like a long old prediction of looming doom coming true, with her being the centre of it.

Having experienced and capable of wielding such arts, it is not a surprise that Astea would be popularly known as a Maleficar, a mage whom is forbidden and an outlaw. That fact remains, one can only imagine the wave of horror that spread throughout the inner courts of the castle once her arts has been found out. It is nothing short of a miracle that no official word got out from the castle of her magic, keeping it to a top secret for the kingdom's reputation and honour. However, it is definitely not received well as she quickly got ostracised within her own home, alone.

This only fuelled her desire to seclude herself, driving away unnecessary thoughts and focusing on her passion, twisting her even more by personality and knowledge. The vast capacity of her mind absorbed more blasphemous knowledge and practice as her palate for pain and suffering fuelled her power, deforming her reputation to that of the demons' spawn.

Astea soon got affected, even though she decided to escape from the reality. Ultimately, she is only human, she soon felt her own heart hurt as paranoia set in, she could never trust anyone. She has never really met her siblings, Elizabeth and Savalith, much less her own parents that bore her. Change is nowhere to be found, hope is only a fleeing wish, she is never understood, her love for the dark arts is fuelled by her wish to learn whatever no one dared to, defying tradition and order. Her sinister changes are merely a 'side effect'.

Only until a certain day, a certain time in a certain season, Astea felt a certain warmth from her own sibling, Elizabeth, whom instantly identified her as sibling, sisters. Astea was first wary, wary of being betrayed and understood right in her face, she was ready for it, but it never came. They held a short, but precious conversation which Astea held dear. It developed into Astea's first step into opening herself up, exposing her inner nature of self step by step. It proceeded on smoothly for several years, Astea frequented out of her room in higher intervals, seeking her sister.

It soon became too smooth, as Astea formed an obsession over Elizabeth, to the point of forbidden infatuation and obsession.

In time, Elizabeth soon went up in prestige and influence, well loved by all. With more matters n her hands, Astea grew increasingly impatient and selfish over Elizabeth. The time where they spent together shortened, became less frequent, less fruitful. An irritating emotion like a thorn growing on her side quickly formed as she started to detest other people for 'stealing' her sister away. This emotion was never relieved by her older brother, Savalith.

Savalith is a huge annoyance to Astea, she deems him as weak and worthless for escaping the throne, abandoning his rightful birth and duties. His social standing and influence are a main envy of Astea's, their ways often conflicted with both of them standing on different sides of a spectrum. Towards Savalith, Astea is merciless and considers him as a fool that she must crush face to face, on equal grounds. She has never found the grounds which she could stand level with him, he is too well received by others, in contrast to Astea, whom is despised and supposed to be executed during a much younger age.

Venomous by nature, cute as a fairy yet with a vicious blade on her finger, Astea is also self taught in the arts of literature and strategy, she has benefitted the kingdom in some ways from her intellect (though mostly unorthodox and questionable). Astea has yet to see much of the world, the other challenges which both can and cannot be solved by her venomous methods and dark arts. Her path also continues in acceptance and the unending fear of rejection and loneliness looms over her like a cloud of death. One would wonder what kind of soul she has, underneath the webs of thorns, pools of venom and barricades of blades which she has wielding for offence and defence.

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PostSubject: Re: Astea Platinovna Von Delabreaux   Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:24 pm

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Astea Platinovna Von Delabreaux
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