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 Alphard Deimos

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Paladin Black

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PostSubject: Alphard Deimos   Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:40 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alphard Deimos

The Solitary One





Black Paladin (pending staff approval)

Sexual Orientation:

Blood Type(Optional):
O positive

Family Members(Optional):

Birth Date(Optional):
February 3rd

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Perhaps the best way to describe Alphard is “sturdy”. Possessing a very well toned, muscular physique, Deimos presents an imposing image that is backed up by his strong, square facial features. He keeps his black hair cut short and out of his eyes which exposes his high forehead. In terms of facial hair, Alphard has a thick mustache which is neatly trimmed at all times. High cheek bones, a blocky nose, and broad jaw make up the rest of his appearance along with his striking green eyes.


Height: Six feet

Weight: 180 pounds

Body Type:
Highly toned and possessing a healthy amount of muscle while maintaining flexibility, built for maximum speed and agility.

Extra Feature:

Deep and bordering on emotionless though touches of anger are known to raise it slightly and twist it into more of a growl.

Extra Clothing/Gear:
While he does not wear the heavy plate armor most paladins do, Alphard does wear reinforced leather armor for protection. Covering his chest this armor is made from two layers of strong leather plates with small steel plates in between. While the armor can withstand light strikes from weapons like a dagger or smaller sword, it cannot handle the more powerful blows from axes or other heavy weapons. On his forearms and shins are simple steel greaves and vambraces for extra protection while still maximizing mobility.

It should be noted that Alphard prefers to keep his armor covered and therefore wears a shirt over his breast plate and blue trousers over his greaves.



First and foremost, Alphard is extremely business-like. He has neither the time nor the interest in useless socializing with civilians or those he deems unfit for serving the Church. While extremely restrained on the surface, beneath his stoic appearance is a boiling pot of rage and frustration with all around him. Eternally enraged at the never ending stream of demons running unchecked and the childish bickering of hostile nobles, he secretly wishes to simply cut down any and all whole would inhibit the mission of the paladins. While he is a bit jaded after years of service, he is not above recognizing talent and showing respect when it is due. That being said he is far from friendly, even with his allies.

Dogs, strong coffee, silence, order.

Drawn out confrontations, incompetent “allies”, children, and demons.

Alphard wishes for nothing more than to maintain the delicate order of society and ensure innocent people are spared from the wrath of demons.

While he has no real personal fears to speak of, Alphard does fear the outcome should the Paladins fail in their charge and fall.

Alphard’s greatest strength is undoubtedly his incredible speed and agility honed to almost superhuman levels. At his fastest, Alphard can be considered one of the swiftest warriors in the history of the order making his movements very hard to follow. His skill with his blades makes this quite apparent as he is able to cut down multiple foes with blinding speed and almost unmatched finesse. Also, due to that extreme speed, Alphard’s reflexes are very good allowing him to dodge attacks effectively. In terms of strength, Alphard has the strength expected of a middle aged man in top physical shape.

Alphard utilizes light armor in combat to maximize mobility which means his defenses are not nearly as effective as several of the other Paladins.

Extra Information:
Alphard is ambidextrous allowing him to fight effectively with either hand. His preferred weapon is the saber but his does have the ability to wield most bladed weapons.



Alphard, like many in the order, was born into nobility. However, his family was far from faithful to the teaching of the Church. Blessed with far more money than piety, his mother and father squandered their riches on lavish parties and other forms of debauchery. Their money was also spent to keep them in the good graces of the Church, allowing them to buy their way to salvation rather than earn it as it is meant to be. As a child he was never allowed to make his own decisions on his path in life. With their long held preconceived notions on how nobility should act, Alphard’s parents strong armed him into a path towards higher education and a wealth of activities so that he may become, as they put it, a proper renaissance man.

However, as it turned out, their own decadence proved to be Alphard’s salvation. During a wild party that quickly grew out of control, Lord and Lady Deimos made public embarrassments of themselves to the point where even their riches would not appease the glares of the Church. In a desperate attempt to earn forgiveness, they offered up their only son to be trained as a paladin for the Church. While the decision should have been Alphard’s alone, they “informed” him that he would be joining whether he liked it or not. Surprisingly enough, this was the one decision in his life where Alphard completely agreed with his parents. He joyfully accepted his new position in life to escape the corruption of his own household.

Slowly the years passed by and Deimos’ infuriating childhood faded into a far off memory. He poured himself into his training, honing his body to its’ physical peak. His devotion to the Church was strong yes, but the true source of his commitment was the knowledge that he had chosen this path and would therefore follow it through to the end with all his heart and soul. Even with his carefully guarded emotions, Alphard’s trainers were well aware of the rage swirling within him and chose to use that fire in the most productive way possible by turning it against the demons plaguing mankind.

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PostSubject: Re: Alphard Deimos   Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:43 pm

Yeah... you can't be a blur to the naked eye, that is kinda too fast
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PostSubject: Re: Alphard Deimos   Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:49 pm

Yeah it was just the superhuman speed that needed to be corrected everything else looks good though. And I think there should be a rune that gives him that kind of speed as well? Anyways



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PostSubject: Re: Alphard Deimos   

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Alphard Deimos
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