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a Rp site based on the crusades mixed with some fantasy including demons and ghouls.
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 Sean Collin

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Sean Collin
Bound Demon
Sean Collin

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PostSubject: Sean Collin   Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:58 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Aquarius

Alias: Sean Collin

Gender: male

Age: 500


Rank:bound(to a mystical blade)

Sexual Orientation: gay

Extra Information: Is rather kind and doesnt fight unless driven to

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Height: 10 ft

Weight: 210

Body Type: long and slender

Extra Feature: made of living water

Voice: multilayered and hypnotising

Extra Clothing/Gear:


Personality: Overall he is kind in hiw ways. Prefers not to start a fight. Though he will fight if he must.
Has an unexplained love of sweets, and a fear of cows. Though he isn't scared to kill if it will preserve any peace he has. Loves to entertain people , and loves to flirt when in human form.
Likes: sweet food, reading, humans,guys(in human form)

Dislikes: evil, most other demons, bitter food

Goals: To live happily

Fears: dying, cows(dont ask)

Strength: is cunning and able to emulate human behavior to a point, also is mistaken for a dragon causing some people to run in terror, is swift and able to deal powerful attacks.

Weakness: scared of cows, bound to a weapon

Extra Information:


[b]History: He doesnt really know where eh came from. All he knows is that he is a demon. Though he doesn't enjoy the killing like the other demons do. Aquarius chose to stay in lakes secluded from human settlements. Though occasionally they would come down and look for the "Dragon Of The Lake." Giving him sort of an infamy among the area. What he never wanted at all. The people reguarded him as an evil spirit. Even sent out a few champions to try ,and slay him. Though they weren't much of a challenge. With a sigh he had to kill each they sent his way. It was a long life of toils. With having the humans constantly trying to kill him. Till the most unfortunate thing happened.

About halfway into his life one way or the other he was bound to a blade. Much to his displeasure. From what he remembers it was an odd mage. Though others say differently. Now he is bound to a blade lodged into a boulder on a small Island not too far off the coast. In the center he is said to wait. Mostly wanting to have the binding broken, or to be removed from the island. Still hes been waiting over a few centuries. So he has lost most of the hope that will happen. Which most immortal beings would be more resistant to. Yet he wasn't like most. So it was more likely to happen to him.
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Bound Demon

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PostSubject: Re: Sean Collin   Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:23 pm


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Sean Collin
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