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 Ariadne Williames

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PostSubject: Ariadne Williames    Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:39 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: Ariadne "The Angel" Williames

Alias: Heavenly Shield Ariadne

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Rank: White Paladin

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, though she doesn't entertain romantic thoughts.

Blood Type(Optional): O

Birth Date(Optional): January 1st

Extra Information: Born to nobility, but forsook most of her birthright to serve the order of paladins

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Ariadne stands out among her peers, as her family came from foreign lands. Her features are very "western." She has long golden blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Her skin is paler than most of her peers, and her jaw is well-defined. She's around 6 feet tall, and her muscles are fairly defined. Her beauty is well-known among peers, though most of her body is often hidden under heavy armour.
Best Pic:

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 160 lbs

Body Type: Tall, solid and fit.

Voice: somewhat deep with a pleasant lilting accent. Carries well and helps to give an aura of leadership.

Extra Clothing/Gear: Has some upper-class clothing she wears on the rare occasion she is not in armour. Always pants, never wears dresses. Also wears a necklace featuring a rune of pagan origin; it is proof of her noble heritage


Personality: Ariadne is patient, kind, and friendly. She is always willing to help, and sometimes spreads herself thin trying to help too many people at once. She tends to be too hard on herself and cannot help but blame herself when someone is hurt. Her prestige and foreign appearance sometimes make people nervous, but her down-to-earth personality makes those that speak with her grow quickly fond of her.

Though her beauty is well known she dresses conservatively and has never shown an interest in men, marriage, or romance in general. She feels that these would simply get in the way of her duty. She has earned a reputation as something of an icequeen and it has become something of a tradition for senior paladins to watch new members confess their undying love only to be politely shot down.

Her reputation often precedes her, and she often feels overshadowed by the larger-than-life persona that develops around her. She sometimes wishes others would accept her sincere humility, and feel more comfortable approaching her.

Likes: Respect, politeness, time for quiet contemplation and, in moderation, fine food and merryment..

Dislikes: Injustice, helplessness, criminals, and anyone who makes disparaging remarks regarding her gender..

Goals: To protect the people and extinguish evil, to make the land safe for innocents.

Fears: Ariadne fears herself being too inadequate to protect everyone.

Strength: Ariadne is considerably strong physically and can take a lot of hits. She's excellent at exploiting an enemies weaknesses. Defense is her strongsuit. She is excellent at guarding and her fighting style allows her to fend off many enemies at once.

Weakness: She's honorable to a fault, and somewhat naive due to her noble origins. Though her heavy armour and weapons give her a rock-solid defense it makes it difficult for her to cover ground quickly. She performs much better on the defensive than on the offensive.

Extra Information:


Ariadne was born to a prominent noble family in the far North. The Williames clan had be one of the first influential families to convert when the church’s influence began to crawl up north, and as the church became powerful so did the Williames. Now the church is dominant and Christianity is the dominant religion, so the Williames family, whose power is intertwined with the church, is extremely influential as well. They are a household name in their homeland, and are so well known some people in other nations may even recognize the name if they are well educated or have heard word of mouth from the North.

Being a Willames comes with much responsibility and pressure. Even those not in the main family are expected to do certain things out of duty, most often positions with the church. Born to the main family, Ariadne was expected to be a high-ranking church official, the highest space a woman would be allowed to occupy in any case. However, nobility does not guarantee an easy life. Christianity may have taken over her homelands, but the pride of Ariadne’s culture has not been extinguished. They must prove themselves worthy by serving the church as a paladin, or serving an affiliated order of knights in a foreign land. So it was that Ariadne was forged armour of shining silver, a mighty shield and weapon, and prepared for the duty decided for her at birth. She was not unprepared for this moment, she had been taught combat from childhood just as she had been expected to pursue more scholarly studies. At 17 years old Ariadne was sent to a far off land to train under the order of the paladins. There, her fancy armour and other expensive gifts were abruptly taken from her. She would not see them until she became a full-fledged paladin. Initiates all began as equals, with nothing. Her nobility and gender made others mock or shun her at first, but she quickly proved she was stronger than the other acolytes and earned their respect, or in some cases merely their envy. Ariadne’s strong sense of duty aided her even more than her physical strength, and she was celebrated as the best of her graduating initiates. The senior paladins celebrated this quietly of course, without Ariadne or any other initiates. Pride is not for the holy order, and they would not willingly give it to her.

At 22, too old to not be married in some peoples’ eyes, Ariadne was officially welcomed into the order of the paladins. Though she celebrated the ceremony of adulthood before leaving her home, she felt that at this moment was when her adult life began. She donned her shining armour for the first time since arriving and was given a steady stream of duties to perform right away.
And perform them she did. Ariadne was admired for her physical strength, and certainly her strength of will but it was her sense of duty that got the most admiration, especially from her superiors. In 7 years she has not uttered a single complain or wavered in a single duty. Within the cities, her soft voice, beautiful countenance, and unending kindness have earned her the nickname “Ariadne the angel.” Amidst her comrades-in-arms and those who see her on the battlefield she has another nickname however, “Heavenly shield Ariadne.” Her solid frame and mighty shield have stood between death and many a comrade. She feels it is simply her duty, but the many that owe her their lives do not forget. There are few left that are not comfortable entrusting their life to a female comrade.
Though she has served long enough to be allowed to return home, she stays in these foreign lands and continues to fight. Shockingly, she has decided to give up her life of nobility and live the rest of her life as a paladin. She does not return home because that is not where she is needed, for these foreign lands run afoul with demons and Ariadne Williames will not allow herself rest until they are all returned to whence they came, and every man, woman, and child may rest their head without fear of tomorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: Ariadne Williames    Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:31 am

Hmm... as far as I can see it does look pretty good, but I'd maybe add a bit more to the personality to help make her look a bit more better, plus she'll also have to keep an eye open for Sigismund XD, He's the Paladin Pervert/flirt XD.

Other than that maybe find a pic if not thats okay lol. Anyways looking good so far! Can't wait to see her when she's done.

OH and welcome to the site Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Ariadne Williames    Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:51 pm


I give this my approval

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PostSubject: Re: Ariadne Williames    

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Ariadne Williames
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