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a Rp site based on the crusades mixed with some fantasy including demons and ghouls.
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 Anastasio Janda

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PostSubject: Anastasio Janda   Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:03 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Anastasio Janda

Alias: Jaden (in Humanoid Form)

Gender: Male

Age: Immeasurable

Race: Demon

Class: Currently Unbound

Rank: (Ancient?)

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Blood Type(Optional): What Blood?

Family Members(Optional): Hahaha!!! All dead.

Birth Date(Optional): Immeasurable

Star Sign(Optional): Immeasurable

Extra Information: --

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Usual Form
A small creature, very strange in appearance. He looks remotely humanoid, however, not too much so. He appears to be covered with, what appears to be bandages. His skin is decrepit and dark grey, only viewable in the crevices of the bandages that exposes his mouth and eyes. His mouth consists of nothing but jutting serated lips that are hard as steel. His skin appears to be an exoskeleton from its hardness. His eyes are round, beady and yellow. He wears a large amount of heavy clothing, which obscures most of his features. The only other noticeable features he has, are his arms, which are insect-like and fold towards his body when not in use. These arms hand fingers, but there are three fingers to each, and these are extemely long and blade-like.
Humanoid Form
He becomes taller, by feet. He is humanoid by all stretches of the imagination. He has violet hair, and deep violet eyes that look into the soul. He also has dark purple hair, which normally appears to be black, but shines as such in direct sunlight. He has a caucasian complexion in this form. One eye has bandages covering it. Bandaging covers his neck, and some more loosely covers most of his torso from mid breast down to his waist. He wears a violet and grey, baroque jacket. with black trousers. He wears combat boots who's leg length go up under the slack of the trousers, as any man should. This body, unlike his usual form, has perfectly normal everything about it. He doesn't even look like a vampire or anything. However as a side note, he still retains any magical abilities he has in his usual form in this form, however this form is harder to fight with, as he is used to cutting things with his fingers.

Height: Usual: 3'1" :: Humanoid: 6'1"

Weight: Usual: 72 lb :: Humanoid: 168

Body Type: Usual: Tiny but Combat Effective :: Humanoid: Athletic

Extra Feature: Usual: Insect-like arms with long, long fingers that are 3 feet long and blade-like, but can still grasp and grab, usually folded back when not in use. Humanoid: No demonic features whatsoever.

Voice: Usual: Mid-tenor, nasally and constantly cracking... CONSTANTLY.
Humanoid: Tenor, almost gravelly while doing so. Sounds a little sarcastic for some reason.

Extra Clothing/Gear: No extra clothing other than what was described.

Usual Form:
Humanoid Form:


Personality: Despite his appearance, he is a constantly jovial and cheerful demon. He more often than not finds himself suffering comic relief syndrome, and being clumsy. Usually travelling around in his smaller form, he is often mistaken for a non-threat, and being hardly able to be angry, he gets into very awkward situations where you can't really tell he's mad. In fact he looks more angry in combat when he's having a blast. He has a deep inlying blood lust, and he is very violent when he needs to be. He rarely makes emotional attachments to anyone.

Likes: Chocolates, Battle, some people

Dislikes: Bitter things, Complete Pacifists, Most People

Goals: Live forever and see the end of the world before he dies. (Its going well so far)

Fears: Death before the end of the world.

Strength: He is adept in magic and combat with bladed weapons.

Weakness: He isn't physically strong and lacks in defensive.

Extra Information: ¡¡¡¡Comic Relief Demon!!!!


History: Many centuries ago... maybe more, it was the beginning of practition of the dark arts within human kind's societies. This was one of the first creations. As such a creation, he found himself at the center of cultist worship many times. For the first hundred years or so of his life, he had made contracts with many people in succession, and he was a very good demon. Through his many contracts all he had to do was defend his contractor, and kill those who opposed him, then when they were weak, take their soul through trickery. It was a simple existence for him.

For a few more centuries or so, he went unbound, to see what it was like. However rapidly killing and stealing souls on a daily basis wasn't his cup of tea after a while. Being known for this activity, he found it difficult to find more contracts with humans. Eventually he could return to his contracts though, people were always afraid of dying and he was known as a high-class demon. Over time he cleared his rep, however years of being in and out of contracts and killing people so easily left him happy-go-lucky when the new age came around. With the new age, he found himself at a loss, people becoming more powerful than him, was a let down to him.

However, there were still people who he could contract with. He kept on going with his business, making sure his contractors stayed out of trouble with the new extremely strong people. He's managed thus far, and in and out of contracts he's taken the soul of his most recent contractor. He is currently unbound, and searching for another contract. Perhaps one that is more interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Anastasio Janda   Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:09 am

Very nice, I accept this app
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Anastasio Janda
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