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 Blood Storm

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Bound Demon

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PostSubject: Blood Storm   Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:21 pm

Ability Name: Blood Storm

Ability Family: Blood/Darkness


At a minimum sebastian must use this ability for two posts, which has a cooldown of four posts. For every post that it is used the cooldown adds two posts. For example Sebastian uses the ability for ten posts; so it would have a cooldown twenty posts. The longer he uses the more severe of the cost he pays however so he cannot use this abbility to terribly long otherwise the consiquences would be dreadful.

Ability Effect:

Active(Disables Passive when used): Sebastian gains the ability to control the blood of his own body; it can act like projectiles... or just about anything that he can think of for that matter. He can also use it to enhance his other abilities that he currently posses.... He can also rip the blood out of smaller living creatures; and with a great deal of pain to himself other creatures (Ex: Human sized creatures)

Passive: Lets him "see" the blood inside a person; he cannot however tamper with their blood.

Ability Techniques: Sebastian lets forth a horrid roar of blood curdling rage and lets his own body begin to convulse as the blood inside of him reaches out of his body and tampers with the delicate fabric of his fur; symbols of the most foul are bled into his very being but are only visable on his fur and skin... his bone armor itself is turned black with corruption and gains a shimmering coat of blood as a result.

Cons: Rending his own blood has a price... And that price is hunger of dangerous proportions. It can also twist his body in the most painful of ways making sebastian very vurnarable after this ability is used. If this abilitiy is used to long Sebastian can wither and die a horrid death... which is followed immediately by the hound's own blood exploding violently. His body is not meant to take such punishment from within and it him having to deal with bleeding from his very bones is the price he has to pay. The price of tearing blood out of someone else is greater than the cost of him rending it from his own flesh. Often this can leave Sebastian in a spiriling beserk spree of whih unless calmed down properly... he'll continue on a short lived spree of destruction before finnally with the force that would rival a volcano he would shred his existance into oblivion leaving only his memory behind. Fine manipulation of blood is beyond him; and will forever be out of his grasp since he can only harshly deal with blood. A being must be living for him to use this ability upon them; he holds no power on death's grasp upon a body.

Last edited by Sebastian on Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:46 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Storm   Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:32 pm

Looks good, nothing out of the ordinary and a classic ability.

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Blood Storm
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