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 Geri and Freki

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PostSubject: Geri and Freki   Sat Sep 11, 2010 4:27 am

Mages Weapon

Weapon Name: Geri and Freki both meaning "the ravenous" or "greedy one"

Weapon Phrase: Geri, Freki. It's time to play!

Weapon Type: Yo-yo's

Weapon Family: Primal

The yo-yo's can hit as far as thirty feet so it is a medium range weapon.

Description: The two weapons were made by Zorn and Thorn when they were able to win some high grade material from a Black Smith who lost a game of cards to Zorn, the twins were extremely happy when they won the items from the man. They knew if they provided the material to a black smith he would make what they wanted for a lesser cost, but at first they wanted to work on making the material magical by pumping as much magical energy as they could into them each day.

So every day they would go to bed worn out from so much magic infusions only to wake up and do it all over again, they did this for three weeks straight before finally going to a black smith that they haven't won stuff from. After giving the man the money he asked and the plans they made for the weapon they had to leave him alone for two more weeks before the weapons were ready, they looked at their new yo-yo weapons and grinned happily as they then named them each by their own vocation. Zorn named his Geri while Thorn named his Freki, these are their favorite weapons and are used by them for many things other than attack as well.

~Fire bomb~
This is a dangerous spell that Thorn uses to cause some damage to a person and to make them back off, this causes Freki to become engulfed in fire changing it from a yo-yo on a metal string to a fireball on a metal string. The Fireball is about the same size as a beach ball and is very hot, Thorn will then try to smash the fireball right into a person in hopes of causing light fire damage and knocking them back six feet.
Duration: 1 post/ cooldown of 2

~Electron Whip~
This is a dangerous spell that Zorn uses to cause quick damage to a person though light in the amount, when used Geri is infused with lightning energy that causes it to crackle and glow bright blue from the power. This will make the weapon more like a bolt of lighting than a yo-yo but no where near as damaging and not quite as fast, when used Zorn with shoot his Yo-yo toward a person but thanks to the magics the speed the yo-yo flies is much much faster causing it to be harder to dodge. Yet it only causes light lighting damage to one person.
Duration: 1 post/ cooldown of 2

[Blaze Shock]
This is a powerful spell used by the twins to get rid of enemies that are too tough for their lower level magics, this is activated by the two twins focusing magical energy into their hands causing a orb of lighting to form in Zorn's hand and a orb of flames to form in Thorn's hand. The twins will then throw the orbs at one another but when the orbs do they combined into a flaming fireball that is as large as a small boulder that has lighting streaking over it all the time, when the joining of the magic is complete it will fly toward the desired target and will harm that target for medium fire/lighting damage. Will harm anyone within ten feet of the spell with light fire/lighting damage.
Duration: 1/ cooldown of 5

OOC: I am guessing on all this so be gentle with comments.
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PostSubject: Re: Geri and Freki   Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:57 am

APPROVED unless stated otherwise.


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Geri and Freki
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