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a Rp site based on the crusades mixed with some fantasy including demons and ghouls.
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Bound Demon

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PostSubject: DeMoyah   Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:51 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: DeMoyah

Alias: None

Gender: Female

Age: Appears in her younger twenties ((rumored to be over 300 years old))

Race: Female

Class:Demon ((Unbound))

Rank: None

Sexual Orientation: Who knows

Blood Type(Optional): Any. She's taken in every kind that has roamed the world to flow through her veins

Family Members(Optional): Deceased

Birth Date(Optional): She has two

Star Sign(Optional): N/A

Extra Information: Vampire

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Seductive looking at best, but do not be fooled by mere appearance. DeMoyah is dangerously ruthless and wisely cunning, and extremely strong in the physical sense, and soon powerful by the Dark arts as she has now awakened from a long slumber. Her flaming hair resonates against her pale ivory skin and her golden eyes can lure even the strongest of wills. When her vampire traits emerge, her eyes become a colorless crystalline hue and the expected fangs lengthen.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125lbs

Body Type: Glorious

Extra Feature: Fangs

Voice: Smooth as silk

Extra Clothing/Gear: N/A



Personality: DeMoyah can take on any act of personality to gain whatever she desires. She is gifted at being spontaneous, yet also quick to anger.

Likes: Feeding, Manipulating, Trickery, Treachery, Mind games, oh, and playing with her food

Dislikes: Feeble and weak minded. Those who believe they can control her. Those who play off as innocent, because in reality, no one is truly innocent

Goals:Whatever comes to mind

Fears: None really, save for the cursed sun


Weakness: Daylight

Extra Information:None


Quote :
Come children...let me tell you a fanciful story. One that begins with the truth of humanity's greed. Such is the victim of life being born as a female into this world.

From the moment I took in my first breath, my father was quick to stake claim to the highest bidder. He was a rather greedy man, seeking only to increase his allies in order to inflate his own power and wealth. I was reared in all the proper etiquette and skills, as well as the basics of education. A husband will not accept a wife wiser than him, but will not tolerate an imbecile under is roof as well. This was a rather simple routine of life in my early years, save for the repetitive beatings from my drunken sire.

Such led to my mother's untimely demise.

This was how hatred was born within me. It consumed the fears my father first instilled into my weakened spirit. And with mother gone, I was to partake in her place against his raging fists even more. Yet he was a wise fellow, keeping his blows beneath my neck knowing my beauty was to fill his treasury.

Yet one night of drowning in spirits and poor gambling led my father to go beyond his typical rage. I had no choice but to flee, or join at my mother's side beneath the ground. I never once looked back as I fled for days within the forbidden boundaries of the decaying territories where I knew my father would not dare search. These lands were cursed. Their histories went back before the dawn of time. I fled there, rather suffering their cruel fate than by the vicious hand of my sire.

Little did I know of the creatures that walked that realm. Had I known, would I still have ventured there to seek sanctuary? As I look back now, indeed I would have. I dare say, I would have fled there even sooner. It was there my creator stalked upon me, ready to devour what he wished. But it was that moment, for the first time in my short life that I ever chose to fight back. Oh I knew I would undoubtedly loose, but I wasn’t fighting for a survival I knew I would never win. I demanded that fate give me one chance to fight back, and I was determined to make my one and only chance so memorable, I could take it with me in the afterlife.

I fought him for myself. I fought him for my mother who never had the chance. I fought against the veil of slavery I had to endure and was sentenced to from the day of my birth. I fought for every cursed blow I took from my sire. I fought with the all the rage and fury I kept imprisoned and squandered away only to finally release it all against “Him”

Malrik found me amusing. How he chuckled at my feeble attempts. When he revealed to me the truth of what he was, I found myself unafraid for the first time in my existence. I was not about to cower before a male ever again during the last moments of my life.

Whether he be Human or Vampire.

I screamed those very words at him as I fought in any way that came to my mind. One such way surprised us both, and was the turning point of this battle for substance or survival. The moment of my death was upon me, and out of rash rage or pride, or foolishness; perhaps the entire mix all together, I bit into the vampire first.

Tell me children. What human would ever think to do such a thing… thus is a moment where I look back and chuckle.

But Malrik did not. As beautiful as he was, his golden eyes were engulfed in flames and such an action perhaps made him reckless of his own. I was not taken lightly. He made sure I paid an even bigger price for my bold foolishness and how I survived such a dramatic attack boggles even my own recollection of that night. But I was reborn none the less. And he abandoned this newborn, believing my ignorance would be the slow agonizing death I deserved for such a folly against him.

But as you see, I did survive. Even Malrik was amused.

Yet I will not dwell upon the details of my horrid discoveries. My will was strong and I quickly adapted by any means to survive. I will say this, young ones. How I glorified in the night I ripped my father’s flesh from his bones. His screams were the uplifting orchestra to my soul. My true birth name died upon his lips as he screamed it with his dying breath.

I was reborn DeMoyah….

Last edited by DeMoyah on Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:57 am; edited 1 time in total
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Adviser to The Throne of Helios

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PostSubject: Re: DeMoyah   Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:06 am

DeMoyah wrote:
Strength: Physically strong, Magiks as well, the longer she now roams awakened again. Speed that tricks the naked eye of humans.

Weakness: Daylight

Extra Information: Vision is impeccable at night. Can hear well beyond the normal, such as canines can hear. Can also hear more in one’s voice than spoken words. Not just through lies weak human speak, but even see visions from their voice alone which DeMoyah perceives are memories or secrets one tries to hide.

  • The speed strength is a no. When you register your abilities if you want an ability that grants speed of that caliber you're more than welcome. But natural speed that quick is not allowed.
  • Your weaknesses need to have the same number as your strengths. On top of that they must be as severe.
  • Everything in your extra information is no. It is all just a bunch of strengths (hearing on the canine level, seeing secrets, etc) And seeing lies or secrets, as well as hearing that strong is not acceptable. Above human hearing is fine. I don't care if you want to be able to hear a conversation on the other side of a room in a busy inn. But canine hearing is too much. Also, if you want to be well-versed in sensing of lies (noticing people's "tells", body language, etc etc) that is fine too. But not just listening to them speak and going "Liar."

And just as a side note, you're history looks good. Just remember RP posts are to be done in the 3rd person =)

Last edited by Niko on Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:01 am; edited 1 time in total
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Bound Demon

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PostSubject: Re: DeMoyah   Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:58 am

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Xanthus Revenas
Wraith King
Xanthus Revenas

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PostSubject: Re: DeMoyah   Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:01 am

Unless an Admin says otherwise, this Vampire is approved! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: DeMoyah   

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