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 Races and Classes

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PostSubject: Races and Classes   Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:09 am


Humans have lived on this earth for many years. Capable of great strengths, with a large variety of classes. They have earned their right to live in this universe.

Humans Classes~


People who either abandoned a order or lord, or were born without one. They are rogue fighters, not serving anyone, and abide by only the rules they make, or wish to follow. They are freelancers, traveling anywhere, and are capable of using strategical abilities to their advantage in combat.

Army Cap: 5
Weapon Cap: 3


Knights are the class of the higher ups. People who serve under an Order, or a Lord ruling a land. They are looked at as guardians of peace in cities, and are sometimes entrusted as guards for certain areas. They are often the leaders in attacks, and wars, and are the ones taking the most damage, being in the head of the attack. They lead other army members to victory.

Army Cap: None. They are entrusted an army by their leader, varying in size.
Weapon Cap: 2


Paladins are the fighters of justice. They are loyal to churches, as well as the Order Of The Paladins. They fight to protect the people from demons, and are looked at by the civilians as the greatest protectors. They use runic weapons, which are weapons imbued with a rune, giving them great power depending on the rune they use. They hunt rogue mages, and demons.

Army Cap: 10
Weapon Cap: 2


Mages are a powerful class, and are very dependent on the use of magic for their spells, and attacks. They often use daggers, short swords, staffs, or wands as weapons, and are not good with melee combat. Mages often use elemental based attacks, or arcane attacks, as well as healing, and other unique abilities mages can possess. They mainly study in magic, thus making their weapon skills less then proficient.

Army Cap: 0-This also depends on who they serve or what they are.
Weapon Cap: 2


Demons do not hold any actual class, and are similar to mages in a way. They rely on dark magics such as shape shifting to their advantage. They are good in trickery, and evil based magics, unlike mages. There are two types of demons:

Bound Demons

Bound demons can be bound to an area and can only travel in that area but he never has to hunt for food. It drains the land of nutrients to grow stronger. they my also be bound to a human and must travel with them. (Ex. Must always be in the same topic as the bounded.) they feed on the soul of the bound, not killing them however. in fact the human hardly notices if the demon never appears. the bound can only be broken by consuming the bound completely (ie tricking them into submitting the the demons will). if a bound demons human dies by other means, then the demons dies with it. In addition, major wounds such as loss of limbs or mortal wounds are also transferred to the demon, but any minor damage is not.

Other key element of a bound demon is the fate of the bounded object. If a bound demon dies, all those who are bound to it are free of the bond. This is why Paladins are not afraid to hunt bound demons bound to people. As stated above though, if the Bound Object is destroyed, then the bound demon loses its source of constant energy and will die from it.

Unbound Demons

These demons are free in nature, and can travel freely. However, without a constant source of power they must hunt humans for food. they can bound at any time either by contract or sheer force of will. usually contracts are done to bound to humans and force is used to bound to a location. unbound demons are generally weaker than that of bounds.

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PostSubject: Re: Races and Classes   Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:10 pm

Bound Demon Information updated
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Races and Classes
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