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 Sigismund- DONE!

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PostSubject: Sigismund- DONE!   Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:38 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Sigismund

Alias: Grey eye.

Gender: male

Age: 18

Race: Human

Rank: Paladin White

Bound location: (bound demons only)

Sexual Orientation: bi

Extra Information: Paladin White

How did you find this place: Myself

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Optional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: ---

Family Members:
-Hans Von Shichel (Dead- Necromancer)

Birth Date: March 7th

Star Sign: ---

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Paladin Armor-

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 176lbs

Body Type: Slim, athletic, and well toned.

Best Feature: His light blue eyes.

Extra Information: He wears two crosses around his neck. His armour is actually white, with a silver trim.


Personality: Sigismund likes to do things the way he wants. Although he still follows orders, he doesn't complete them the way his CO, wants. He tends to change the way he acts from being friendly, and kind to pissed off, or quiet. He also one of the only Paladin's willing to flirt with both sexs. He doesn't really care about all that stuff, only he would rather have a woman in his bed than a man. He doesn't get mad easy, making him one of the few who can take a few punches to his pride. He is also known for talking a lot, and trying to make new friends. Although he makes most at the local bars, and inns. He doesn't really mind mages, though he does hate it when he meets the ones who think their all that.

He doesn't really like to get into fights unless of course he is provoked to by someone, or if theres a war. When it come to battle, or fighting he won't hold back no matter what. He doesn't really like the feel of another human's flesh being ripped apart, or the sight of it. Though when his left eye isn't covered he gets a large amount of rage, and a massive need for blood. So he keeps that eye wrapped or covered by something.

-Having fun
-Killing time
-Being a Paladin
-Fighting for good.

-His father

Goals: to live his life the way he wants to, and rid the world of Demons and Necromancers.

Insecurities: His left eye being seen.

Fears: His father not really being dead.

Strength: Sword fighting, and Defence tactics.

Weakness: He tends to act like a show off with his sword skills, and he isn't good at attack tactics only defence.

Phobias: ---

Extra Information: ---


Addictions: Drinking

Withdrawals: none yet

Sigismund was born into a normal family. Although his father was a mage, and his mother a normal human being, it was still quite normal. Well it was considered normal until Sigismunds mother was killed. When his mother was killed his father lost his mind in grief. He suddenly hated everything around him including his own son. As the years went by Sigismund grew up wondering why his father hated him so much, and started to wonder where his father went every few days. At the age of 7 he walked in on his father performing the dark magic of Necromancy. Sigismund was horrified at the sight of this. His father on the other hand took this as a sign and moved to try and kill Sigismund. Sigismund fled his home leaving everything, including his past. Though he was still young and didn't last long until he felt like going home. But he pushed on until he couldn't walk another step.

Half way down the street he was picked up a Paladin. Once Sigismund had regained his strength he told the Paladin order of his fathers betrayal. The Paladin's could do nothing at the moment though sadly. As they were to focused on the rising Demon numbers, and the many Crusades they were fighting along side the Templar's. So Sigismund asked if he could join them. Like always there was a price in getting in. He had to go through the Paladin's test. Which he did pass. Though at the cost of lossing his left eye. He still has it just it was badly scarred and he could no longer see out of it. Sigismund ignored it though, and kept on with his current path he had chosen. He fought hard and long to be able to slay the evil that filled the world. He never stopped with his studies, and training. He kept pushing onwards. Until he was given the title and honour of a Paladin.

When he turned 14 he was had passed his last test and joined the ranks of the Paladin's. He chose to join the White Paladin's. After he was given his rank, and honours he was given his first test as a Paladin. He was sent away to the holy lands to go through another test. He passed and returned back to a warm welcome, and rather large party. He was overjoyed, and swore to do everything in his power protect the church, the people, and lands of God. After the party he was given his first posting to Orokos. He didn't really like his time there, since most of it was spent walking the streets with a few Templar's of Orokos. Nothing happened there, and nothing really ever did since it was always so cold. The snow covered buildings, and streets did look rather nice though. You could get warmed up quite fast after looking into one of the buildings. Everyone seemed happy with their current Lord's rule.

After returning home to Haven he was given a bit more training, and was also promoted for his service to the Paladin's. He'd won a few honours for his Armor, and banner. Nothing to great, nothing that he thought was great that is. Then he was given his second posting this time though he was sent to the Barbarian lands. He was ordered to hunt down a bound demon. At the time the area had been secured so that the Allied forces could head towards the holy lands quickly. Sigismund was only 16 when he was sent there. While on the hunt with a few other White Paladin's they saw a good number of things that made them feel a bit scared. Each one of them was young, or quite new to the Order. Sigismund was in charge of them. It was his first taste being in command and he hated it. Leading troops wasn't his style. He liked working alone, though as a Paladin he had to have teamwork.

As they came to the cave of the so called Bound Demon they began to see signs of dead warrior, and bandits. Many of which looked stronger than them all put together. Sigismund couldn't believe this. They might have been given the wrong information, or were most likely given old ones. As they entered the cave they saw more and more signs that this was not the bound Demon they were told about. Never the less though Sigismund ordered them to pull out. Sadly though one of them pushed Sigismund to the side saying it was time he took charge. Sigismund was overcome with rage at hearing this. He was going to strike the man, and tell him to follow his orders but the young man had the support of the other younger white Paladin's. Sigismund knew though he couldn't let them fight alone. So he followed them keeping his hand ready on his blade at all times.

When the reached their destintian they were greeted with a empty and bloody cave. Sigismund sighed a sigh of relief at this. Though the young man who had taken command was pissed. He began yelling around the cave asking the Demon to show itself. The Demon did what was asked and came out of the shadows. The Demon how ever looked like a young boy at the age of 7. Each of the Paladin's including Sigismund could do nothing. None of them had a dispel rune sadly. They could not see the true evil that was hidden within the fake body. The Demon took full advantage of their defence and lunged at the young man who had taken control. He was the first to die in that bloody battle. As the Demon charged while still holding onto the young mans head. Sigismund ordered everyone to jump away and draw their blades for battle. They quickly did as they were told. After they did they watched as the young man struggled to get free. But sadly his life was ended when the demon rammed its hand into the young mans throat. Each of the Paladin's including Sigismund were horrified by this seen. They couldn't do anything but stand there and shake in fear at how easy he had taken the strongest of the groups life.

Sigismund was brought back from his fear once he caught the smell of something disgusting. One of the other Paladin's had pissed themselves. Sigismund didn't want to know who it was, but he had to thank the man later. Mainly due to him waking him from his fear. Sigismund ordered each of the Paladin's in different postions around the demon. Each did what was ordered, and found strength and hope in seeing the man who was given command of them take hold of the situation, and maintain order within his team. The battle was long and cost the life of another white Paladin but the Demon was slain. When they came out from the cave holding the demon's head, and carring the bodies of their two dead brothers they returned to their CO. He was sad to see and hear that two of the young men wouldn't be going home alive. The first one killed was 16 like Sigismund, and the other was 14. They both died as Paladin's of the Order, and White Paladin's. Once again a few more White Paladin's were killed.

When Sigismund and the two others returned home they were greeted like heros. Sigismund was once again promoted and given a medal for his deeds. The two who had survived with him were put under his command. Their names were Conrad Rukos, and Jothanthan Williams. After a few more years together the three grew when 3 more joined Sigismunds White Paladin squad. Now they are based in Haven awaiting a new posting.

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PostSubject: Re: Sigismund- DONE!   Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:26 am

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Sigismund- DONE!
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