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 Payton Beaumont

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PostSubject: Payton Beaumont   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:09 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Beaumont Payton

Alias: Knight Of The Round: 3rd seat

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Human

Rank: Knight Warrior

Bound location: -

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Extra Information: -

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Optional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: O+

Family Members: Unknown

Birth Date: December 21st

Star Sign: Sagittarius

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance:

Larger Appearance:


Weight: 105lb

Body Type: Slim, great figure and curves. Not to skinny, but not chunky either.

Best Feature: Her face. She has sharp eyes and a cute face. Those who challenge her underestimate her because of that.

Extra Information: Her armor is that of her extinct group. A very rare set of armor that is pretty revealing on females, but offers great protection.


Personality: Payton is sometimes shy around strangers who befriend her.Because of her height, figure, and looks, she is often underestimated by her enemies. When it comes to battle, she is dead on with her enemy. No jokes, or cocky talking, she can be silent, and tricky. Killing an enemy had never been a bother to her, but most of the time she simply defeats them in battle and makes them run off. Though she was never one to kill without reason. Payton is somewhat fragile, she can be hurt easily emotional wise, though a lot of times tries to keep it to herself so she doesn't get others involved in her own problems. Though she is incredibly skilled with her spear, she never lets it get to her head, and often chooses these kinds of weapons over other options. A balanced short range and mid range work perfect with her. As well as defense. She never lets her abilities get to her head, and never speaks out of cockiness, even sometimes putting herself down with her skill. Self control is something Payton may lack a bit in. She can sometimes do things she will regret, or clumsy things, or can get mad really easily. Though when she is doing serious business in battle, she is quiet, and straight forward, making nearly no mistakes. Payton is very industrious, not sleeping much at night time, and often just hanging around anywhere she pleases. Ever since she was young she was taught that sleeping can drop her guard, allowing anyone to attack. Whenever she sleeps, she makes sure she is with someone she trusts, or is in a secure location.

Being patient has never been a problem for Payton, and can often be looked at as a little strange because of the way she will sometimes just sit in one location waiting for something to happen. Payton is a responsible girl, following through with what she needs to do, from point A, to point Z, or farther if needed. She hates leaving things undone, and works as hard as she can to make things perfect to please those around her, including herself. Mainly when in a group, or working with another. Being "scared" is something Payton is not that familiar with, and hasn't been since a few important events in her past, which molded her views and thoughts to this day.

In all, Payton is very nice to others around her, and will only harm someone if needed.

Likes: Boys, Girls, spears, new weapons, armor, new armor, her horse, her friends

Dislikes: Being around a lot of people

Goals: None set

Insecurities: -

Fears: Her friends betraying her

Strength: Strong willed, very brave

Weakness: Puts self down a lot, underestimates some challenges

Phobias: Most bugs with more then 4 legs

Extra Information: -


Addictions: -

Withdrawals: -


Born young, Payton was a noble child of the leader of the Knight Of The Round. A small group of Knights that got together every once in a while at a hidden base located somewhere far, far south. Payton lived at the base with her father, as well as few of the other Knights that were apart of this group, and were loyal to the leader. Her father was recognized as First Seat: Beaumont. Leader of the Round. His wife, Cathradel Beaumont passed away after the birth of Payton, and since then her father had been feeling down a lot. As Payton grew older, she began training to become a Knight. As much as her father didn't want her to, because he didn't want to lose her in battle. Though her skills began to shine around the age of 7. She had always loved the spear type weapons, such as Polearms, Halberds, and even some types of staffs. She was never one to choose a sword and shield if she was given the option of a spear. Training day and knight very hard in the training ground of the Round, Payton was given the nickname "Little Knight" by some of the other Knights, and when speaking professionally about her, they addressed her by "Child Of The Round". Payton was one of few females in the group, so she took up chores such as sweeping, feeding the stabled horses. As well as laundry, and other household chores one could think of. She was loved by all of the group, often cleaning and shining the other Knights armor and weapons for them. By the time she turned 11, she was dubbed a Royal Knight by her own father. Given the 11th seat at the Table. At the Table of the Round, there was 11 seats total. 11 being the lowest, and first being the leader.

As Payton grew older, she began progressing more and more. Moving her way up in the seats fast, until she was the age of 16. At that age, something words alone would be hard to describe. Given the third seat, and appreciated by all the other Knights, Payton was proud of what she had accomplished. Attending meetings with them, and saying what was on her mind, instead of being that one girl that only watched. As proud as most of the Knights were, some of them began to not like her for her abilities, and how she ranked up so fast. Some say she only ranked up because she is the daughter of the Leader. Others say she only ranked up because she made agreements with the other higher up Knights of the Round. Rumors began to spread fast, and her reputation slowly drained away. By the age of 17, one of the amateur members of the group finally had it. Entering the base fully armored, and armed, he attempted to kill Payton with everything he had. Some of the other Knights tried to stop him, though because they were not geared, they didn't last long. The site of seeing her friends die froze Payton in her place, as a killing blow was right about to be delivered to her. Just as she thought she was dead, her father, also the Leader of the Round had jumped in the way of the attack. Being wounded badly, but also being able to disarm the knight. The knights in the training room quickly rushed up, fully geared, and managed to lock down the attacking Knight. Everyone who wasn't involved with holding down the reckless, anger driven Knight quickly ran to the aid of the king, and the daughter standing in shock above her injured father. 2 months later, Sir. Beaumont died. The group disbanded themselves, with no motivation left anymore, and those alive went out on their own paths. Payton, who was still left alone in the hideout of the Round, decided it was her time to depart as well. Taking what armor and weapons she had always used, which happened to be the only, and last set. Departing from the base, and mounting her horse, she looked back once more at the abandoned Base Of The Round. Her old memories no more then memories, and her family disbanded for maybe forever. The only reason for return she would have, would be to revisit her old days, and memories within the building. A map in her pocket, and all her gear packed up on the back of the horse, she commanded the horse to run quickly away from the building, not wanting to look back again.

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PostSubject: Re: Payton Beaumont   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:11 pm

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Payton Beaumont
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